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Weather Talk: July was unusually cool in Midwest and South

The month of July was a mere 1.6 degrees below average in Fargo-Moorhead.  However, much of the Midwest and South experienced an unusually cool July. 

The states of Illinois and Arkansas recorded their coolest statewide July averages on record. Numerous other states recorded July average temperatures in the bottom five for their respective states.

The reason for the cool weather to our east was two separate cold fronts about two weeks apart, one at mid-month and the second near the end of the month. Both fronts generated cool weather unusually far south for midsummer. 

The fronts both produced very cool days here in Fargo-Moorhead. We experienced a high temperature of 69 degrees on the 14th and again on the 27th. Both of these cool days were unusual because they happened without rain;  most very cool days in summertime are rainy days. But our weather quickly returned to average both times. 

Much of the western United States was hotter than average in July.   

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