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Weather Talk: Lack of hot afternoons not reflected in average temps

Hot weather has been hardly noticeable this summer. Of the six 90-degree days so far in 2014, three came in May when humidity was low. The other three 90-degree days all occurred in July and coincided with dew points in the 70s and so were undeniably hot and humid.  But there have been just three such days. 

However, the lack of hot afternoons is not reflected in the average temperature of the summer. While this summer’s high temperatures have been running generally cooler than average, the summer’s low temperatures have been slightly above average.

Twice this past month, Fargo-Moorhead has recorded high temperatures in the 60s.  Both were close to setting the daily record low maximum temperature record of the day.  However, we have not been close to any daily record low minimum temperatures this summer.   

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