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Weather Talk: Late summer heat wave less likely but not impossible

Do you remember the hullabaloo last year over whether schools should start up in mid to late August or wait until after Labor Day?

The discussion was initiated when eight of the last 13 days of August 2013, were in the 90s; four of those days between 94 and 96 degrees.

The Fargo Public School District did rearrange this year’s schedule to start a week later than planned, on Aug. 27.  The weather can still be hot in late August and even in September, but the likelihood of getting into the 90s is statistically much greater on the 20th of August than it is on the 27th.   \

Could we get a late summer heat wave again this year?  The pattern makes this less likely but not impossible.  Those 13 days at the end of August 2013, were the hottest 13 days of the year.

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