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Weather Talk: May closes as slightly colder than average

The month of May 2014 ended up being average but got there in a roundabout way. The average daily high was 68.2 degrees, and the average daily low was 45.8 degrees. This works out to an average May temperature of 57 degrees, which is just 0.1 degree cooler than average.

May is now the eighth consecutive month with a colder-than-average temperature. The months of December through April were all significantly colder than average, whereas May was very nearly average.

The first two thirds of the month were cold, with three mornings at or below freezing. The coldest was 30 on May 4.

The final 10 days of May were warm, with two days in the 70s, five in the 80s and three in the 90s, including 93 on May 30.

Rainfall was 1.99 inches, which is 0.82 inch below average. There were 22 days with rainfall. Thirteen of those daily rains were measurable.

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