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Weather talk: Small huricanes can still make big messes

As Arthur, the first hurricane of the Atlantic Basin season, moves toward the North Atlantic, residents along the Eastern Seaboard can begin to relax a little.

Hurricanes are one form of weather we just do not have to worry about here in the Northern Plains. Once in a while, we will get a little tropical moisture from what had once been a hurricane, but we are too many thousands of miles from the ocean to get one head on.

Hurricanes can strike the coast anywhere from Texas to Maine. The states most frequently hit by hurricanes are Florida and North Carolina, but the state of Florida has not had a land-falling hurricane since 2005.

Hurricanes are not common at any one point along the coast, and most people go about their business without going into a panic over every storm. But the threat is there every summer and fall.

Any small hurricane is a big mess. And the biggest land-falling hurricanes are major disasters.