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Jackie Lang, a cataloger at the Fargo Public Library, has a work space that reflects her interest in collecting Teddy Bears and her fondness for animals, particularly cats. Dave Olson / The Forum

What's on my desk? Cataloger’s desk offers feline focus

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Fargo  - Jackie Lang is a cataloger at the main branch of the Fargo Public Library, a job that requires her to process and catalog incoming books and materials.


Lang’s office in the library, which underwent a rebuild about five years ago, is small, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in personal expression.

Many of Lang’s interests are on display, from Star Trek memorabilia to a fondness for teddy bears, which she collects.

Lang also likes cats and in her spare time volunteers at CATS Cradle shelter and rescue in Fargo.

A feline sensibility is evident throughout the office, the door to which is covered with images of cats in amusing poses accompanied by sassy cat quotes.

Many of the images were taped to the door by Lang, though some were contributions from those who know of Lang’s weakness for “LOL cats.”

It all serves to help Lang, who has been with the library for about 28 years, stay centered as she does her part to catalog the 40,000 or so books and materials the library takes in each year.

Here is a partial table of contents for items populating Lang’s office:

1. Insignia of the United Federation of Planets similar to the badges worn by the crew of the Enterprise on Star Trek.

2. Cat pictures and figurines abound.

3. Photos of two cats that hold a special place in Lang’s heart: Peeper, left, and Festus. Both were rescue cats. Lang said she named Festus, who came to her with an injured eye, after U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon’s squinty-eyed sidekick in the “Gunsmoke” TV series.

4. Stuffed animals, including a big black teddy bear that was also a rescue story, of sorts.

“He was in the children’s room, had a hole and stuff, and they were going to toss him,” Lang said.