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Von Pinnon: Travel in Sunday Variety, Celebrations in SheSays

Today, The Forum debuts its new Sunday Variety section.

It's something our readers have said they've wanted for a while.

Many told us they missed our comprehensive weekly calendar of events, a feature we mistakenly got rid of about a year and a half ago.

We brought back that feature in the Sunday Variety section, and we improved on it.

Now, the Sunday to Sunday calendar is organized by day of the week, which should help busy people sort out options to experience when they are free.

Sunday Variety's cover story each week will focus on home and living.

Aside from work, most of us spend most of our time at home (especially this time of year). We wanted this section to really touch people where they live and tap into those special spaces.

The section also features TV information, stories and reviews of books, as well as our Sunday crossword puzzle.

Our Travel section, formerly a standalone section, can now be found in Sunday Variety. We've scaled it back from four pages to two, but in doing so were able to print both of those pages in color, which is so important for travel-related photos and graphics.

In a related move, we've folded the very popular Celebrations section into Sunday SheSays.

Celebrations features announcements of weddings, engagements, anniversaries and birthdays, among other milestones in people's lives.

We've taken the best part of Celebrations and added more great stories to it in Sunday SheSays.

Forum Features Editor Heidi Shaffer and her staff, as well as Deputy Editor Kirsten Stromsodt and Presentation Editor Bill Wambeke, have worked hard the past few months to put together the new Sunday Variety.

Sunday is a day ideally spent resting and relaxing, though we know that's not how most people live in this busy day and age.

We hope the new sections respect your time, inform your mind and provide a chance to smile and dream a little, too.

Von Pinnon is editor of The Forum. Reach him at (701)241-5579

Matthew Von Pinnon

Von Pinnon is editor of The Forum.

(701) 241-5579