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A Little Variety: What’s your favorite sign of summer in Fargo-Moorhead?

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FARGO – It’s (almost) summertime, and for Fargo-Moorhead residents, that means long days outside soaking up sunshine.

We’re glad the snow is gone (please keep it away, Mother Nature), and based on reader responses, people are enjoying the weather by dining outside, eating icy treats and living at the lakes.

Via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we asked readers: What’s your favorite sign of summer in Fargo-Moorhead?

Next week’s question: “What’s your favorite beach read?”

Q. What’s your favorite sign of summer in Fargo-Moorhead?

A. They just filled Island Park Pool last week! Summer is here. – Rachel Krein

My favorite @gigisicelollies downtown! – @kabloomq

I knew it was summer a couple weeks ago when driving home from work I saw dogs on walks, girls in rollerblades, guys on bikes and kids playing in yards. – @amandahofland

Outdoor bands, like during Cruisin’ Night, in the Empire parking lot, followed by the taco truck. – Brittney Goodman

Actually get to see people being outdoors and say hi. – @mytweetiepie

Redhawks/Ribfest/fair food ... although it’s best for my health that this food isn’t around all year-long. – Carmen Wald

Being able to have lunch on a restaurant’s patio without so much as a cardigan and not feeling the least bit chilled! – @jessueland

The Hotel Donaldson’s and Rhombus Guys’ roofs being open! – Mara Brust

I always know summer is near when our backyard crabapple tree starts bursting with gorgeous pink petals. – @lauren.wold.tref

Long lines at DQ – everyone loves ice cream! – @jenessamcallister

Island Park’s pool finally full of water! And not melted snow. – @sailorashley

Movie night at the park! Also eating on patios. And Zorbaz nachos on the beach. And froyo. And Dairy Queen on the way home from the lakes. Farmers markets! – @kari.alissa

Lilacs. – @thriftyvintagegal

Living at the lake. – @chelsehlen

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