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NxNW: Seeking an F-M breakfast hot spot

Colleen Sheehy

A great creative city needs a great breakfast restaurant. Fargo and Moorhead do not have one, and it should be a cause that entrepreneurs, business people and creative types take on as another piece of our continued growth and development.

A couple of months ago, I was asked to respond to some questions for a Twin Cities business magazine. Aimed at business travelers to Fargo and curious about the local culture, the publication asked about highlights of the city and where they should go and spend time. One question was about where to have a good business breakfast.

I was at a loss on that question, because there isn’t any place I would consider great or distinctive and unique for a hearty, healthy breakfast. I mean a single proprietor place with a great omelette selection with interesting choices of veggies and cheeses, outstanding bread, tasty meat sides, hearty waffles, fresh berries and other fruits, and strong coffee with espresso and latte choices. I don’t think this is too much to expect from our towns.

I’ve enjoyed unique breakfast venues in many cities. I recently met up with ten old friends for breakfast at a restaurant in Minneapolis located in a low-income neighborhood. Venezuelan corn pancakes! Mexican egg scrambles! Homemade tortillas! Another place where I’ve had many business meetings offers salmon scrambled eggs with a green salad and to-kill-for salmon eggs benedict.

Breakfast is a critical time for creative meetings when you launch the day, starting fresh on ideas, plans and connections. These meetings jump start your day. We need more than coffee shops with pastries. In a time when carbohydrates in general and sugar in particular should be condiments and not main courses, we need good protein, imaginatively prepared.

This could be a cause celebre, like the idea Margie Bailley is working on for a culinary institute, like tech incubators. We don’t need another burger joint. Omelettes anyone?