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The Great Indoors: Frozen treats are doggone good

If you’ve watched any of our “Great Indoors” videos, you might be able to tell they’re shot at my house. It’s usually not a problem. My husband and kids are at work and school and it forces me to clean up the joint. The only slight problem is my over-the-top dog, McKenna. Not only does she nearly knock over the camera person as he or she walks through the door, she also likes to wander onto the set while we’re filming.

“Oh, you’re making a cake, don’t mind me. I enjoy crumbs.”

We’ve tried putting her outside or in the basement, but because she’s a very social golden Lab she misses being around the action, and her faraway bark is more of a distraction than having her in the room with us. At one recent shoot, I gave in. When I was demonstrating the exercises involved in the fitness program Focus T-25, she decided to park her big furry butt right beside me as I attempted sit-ups. It’s nice to have a workout buddy.

I’ve also resorted to bribes to keep her out of our hair while we film. Sometimes it’s a peanut butter-filled Kong or a rawhide bone, but if she’s really lucky I’ll give her a Frosty Paws treat. Frosty Paws is dog ice cream that be found in the grocery store freezer right next to ice cream novelties like Drumsticks or Eskimo Pies.

They look like real ice cream, but they contain little or no dairy (most dogs are lactose intolerant) and they’re less sweet (to exclaims of “Gross, Mom!” from my kids, I have actually sampled Frosty Paws and lived to tell about it.)

Frosty Paws are great, but I figured why not try to make my own dog ice cream? It can’t be that hard and it might be cheaper than the store-bought stuff. It wasn’t and it was. And McKenna loved it (of course, she eats garbage off the sidewalk.) Watch the video to see her get carried away with it. Her days in front of the camera might be numbered.

Dog Ice Cream

1 32-oz. container of plain yogurt

1 banana

2 tsp peanut butter

2 tsp honey

Put banana in food processor or blender. Add yogurt and blend together. Add peanut butter and honey. Blend. Spoon mixture into individual paper cups and freeze overnight.

Tracy Briggs

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