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Street Fair coin winners strike again

Tara Bennett and mother Stacey Heary found the Northern Plains Coin at a telephone booth on Friday at the Downtown Street Fair in Fargo. Nick Wagner / The Forum

FARGO – Two in a row.

Tara Bennett and  Stacey Heary successfully scavenged the winning hidden coin Friday in the Northern Plains Coin Hunt - for the second consecutive day.

The mother-daughter team seems to have honed its coin-sleuthing talents. Though they needed three clues to find the coin Thursday, one was enough on Friday.

Friday’s first clue, “You’re on the right track to collecting today’s token,” may have suggested a train station to some seekers.

But Bennett and Heary thought that was too obvious. They instead focused on the word “collect,” and looked for mailboxes and recycling facilities near train tracks.

“And then I got to thinking, ‘Wait a minute, you make a collect call. Do we have phone booths in Fargo?’” Heary said.

It turns out the downtown area still has a few of the relics left, but they’re not very popular. The first booth Heary and Bennett found, near the post office, didn’t even have a phone in it.

On the way back to Bennett’s apartment to wait for the next clue, Heary noticed a phone booth outside Steve’s Package Store, at 524 4th St. N.

Sure enough, Heary found the coin on the bottom of the phone console.

She and her daughter picked up their second $500 prize from Northern Plains Coin in as many days as a result. In 2009, a Fargo couple successfully found two coins in one day after one wasn't found the previous day.

The search for Heary and Bennett went a bit smoother the second time around Friday. The pair spent nearly 12 hours searching on Thursday, but they found Friday’s coin about 10 a.m.

They started later, too – 6 a.m. instead of around 4 a.m.

“It’s nice that we get the whole day to relax,” Heary said. “So we’ll probably do a little bit of shopping today.”

Coin hunters don’t need to worry: Bennett and her mom are heading out of town and won’t be taking part in Saturday’s search.


Pick up a copy of Saturday's Forum for the clue for the last day of the hunt.


Here’s how it works:

  • The Forum will hide one Northern Plains Coin each day of the fair. Coins will be hidden in a spot accessible to the public and somewhere between the boundaries of Sixth Avenue North and Sixth Avenue South; the Red River to the east and 10th Street on the west, north of Main Avenue; and Seventh Street to the west, south of Main Avenue.
  • Each day, read The Forum to find the first clue to help find that day’s coin. On Saturday, the second and third clues will be found at noon and 3 p.m. online at 
  • Go downtown and start looking. Coins will be hidden well, but no digging, dumping, destroying or trespassing will be necessary to find the coin. Please respect the business owners and residents of downtown Fargo during your search. 
  • You’ll also be able to follow the Northern Plains Coin Hunt via Twitter and Facebook. Just keep tabs on @Inforum for the latest updates. We will let the public know if the coin is found as soon as we are informed of it being turned in. 
  • If you find the coin Saturday, call (701) 241-5579 and return it by 5 p.m. to The Forum, 101 5th St. N., Fargo. The token can then be redeemed at Northern Plains Coins for $500 worth of gold that the store will buy back, if desired. Your name, photo and the story of how you found the coin will be published in the next day’s Forum.