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Review: Sephora eye shadow great price for long-lasting wear

The Sephora Collection’s Colorful Shimmer eye shadow in Romantic Comedy. Special to The Forum

The Sephora Collection’s Colorful Shimmer eye shadow in Romantic Comedy is a neutral combination of peach and beige with a hint of shimmer. At the time, I was looking for a fresh, everyday color that would work well with hazel, green and gray eye color.

The small, circular compact is easy to open and closes securely. Small speckles of shine sparkle with the light when I tested it on my wrist.

After my first application, I’ve been hooked. As part of my daily routine, I apply Romantic Comedy all over my eyelids without having to worry about blending additional colors and creating shape and contouring because with only a few strokes over the entire eyelid, this powdery magic does all the work for me.

I might be a minimalist when it comes to makeup during the day, but that doesn’t mean I would dare frighten children and co-workers by just taking my morning face into the office.

A little mascara paired with the shadow works splendidly for a full day. And for the morning makeup gurus out there, the shadow plays well with other colors for blending and adding some dimension while avoiding a glittery look. Even without a base or primer on the lids, the shadow comes at a great price for long-lasting wear.

Varying in colors from brown to fuchsia to bright yellow, the Sephora Collection’s Shimmer shadow (for $5 to $13 at is a staple for anyone needing a boost.

Grade: A+