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The Great Indoors: Corn on the cob made easy

Nothing tastes better on a hot summer night than fresh corn on the cob.

I like to keep it simple with just butter, salt and pepper. But among the seasonings, I almost always find a few strands of corn silk that shucking failed to remove. No big deal. But I’d certainly rather not have to navigate around it. Fortunately, thanks to my co-worker Carrie Snyder, I might no longer have to.

We were working together at The Forum booth at the Red River Valley Fair a couple of weeks ago when the topic of fair food came up. We agreed a buttery ear of corn is delightful as you stroll down the midway.

She mentioned she learned about a new way to remove the husks and silk of the corn that leaves you with a nearly perfect cob, not a string in sight. Not only that, you’re cooking the corn at the same time! It’s efficient and tidier.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Put three to four ears of unshucked corn on microwavable plate and cook on high for five minutes.

2. Carefully remove the ears from the plate (you might need oven mitts) and place them on a cutting board.

3. Cut the stem ends off of the cobs.

4. Hold cobs vertically with silky end facing up.

5. Pinch silky end and slowly slide the cob out of husk.

Watch the video at to see the step-by-step method.

Tracy Briggs

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