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#FMgram: Local photographer’s work spotted in Paris to be shown in West Fargo

Viking Hall. Passed this on a way to a shoot up near Finley, N.D. I believe the building is in Portland, N.D. I was attracted first to the interesting type and how it was holding on to keep the words intact, but also the slightly off-beat angle of the roof lines and how they didn’t quite line up – similar to the type. John Borge / Special to The Forum1 / 8
Loose metal. Came across this on a manufacturing shoot near West Fargo. The combination of light and shadow and the gentle curve of the loose metal gave it an almost human feel. John Borge / Special to The Forum2 / 8
Haybale near Napoleon, N.D. Since we gather followers worldwide on Instagram, sometimes I just like to show “what it’s like” here. The sun moving through the heavy clouds, throwing light sporadically made it a bit more interesting. John Borge / Special to The Forum 3 / 8
Occident Custom Grinding, Richardton, N.D. I’m guilty of traveling fast to a location – in this case Dickinson – and quite often missing a lot along the way. With this new medium of Instagram, I’m finding myself making more stops along the way, albeit often for just a few minutes. Loved the light on this structure, the shape – and the “custom grinding” type … John Borge / Special to The Forum4 / 8
Fence near Wing, N.D. Beautiful morning light and some interesting shapes. I’m not really interested in photographing run-down old buildings, but the light and shape here was pretty stunning. John Borge / Special to The Forum 5 / 8
Bakery, Sisseton, S.D. On a way to a shoot, this time in Sisseton, I came across this simple structure. Add the slightly sloping street to make it a bit off-kilter. John Borge / Special to The Forum 6 / 8
Grain elevator, Sherack, Minn. I have driven past this cross-road on the way to Thief River Falls many times. I finally stopped and tried hard to make an interesting image of the elevator itself. As is often the case in making photographs, the most interesting image isn’t always the one you planned. John Borge / Special to The Forum7 / 8
Silos near St. Hilaire, Minn. Found these two sentinels standing in a field a bit off the road. Quite heroic. John Borge / Special to The Forum8 / 8

FARGO – Social media isn’t necessarily the best medium to take in the work of a skilled photographer, but it can’t hurt getting a shutterbug’s name out there, right?

That’s what John Borge thought. The Fargo photographer would post images to his Instagram account (@johnborge) as a gallery for his work, without giving much thought to the reproduction quality of the file.

It didn’t just get his name out there, Instagram got his name all the way to Paris, where a company, Visto Images, spotted his shots.

The company works with Cambria Suites to find local photographers to use in their hotels. After striking a deal, Borge was surprised the company wanted to pull the images right off of Instagram rather than print from the original file.

“I was a little skeptical that these files would print well, but I was just out and saw the prints and they look fantastic,” Borge said.

You can see his prints at Cambria Suites in West Fargo or by following him at @johnborge.