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Neighbors: Fargo bank looking for owner of 1922 class ring

Bob Lind

Are you missing a 1922 class ring? If so, the folks at a Fargo bank are looking for you.

The American Federal Bank at 1301 30th Ave. S. was being remodeled and expanded this year when this ring was found lodged under the kick plate removed from the teller line.

It is believed to be a high school class ring. It has the year 1922 and the initials “AHS” over an orange background, believed to be a school color.

Three initials are engraved inside the ring, but are so worn they are difficult to decipher.

“We have used several resources to try to identify the owner of the ring,” Kent Anderson, the bank’s president says, “but no luck so far.

“We are hopeful readers of The Forum can help us identify the school the ring is from and eventually the owner. It’s a mystery we’d love to solve for someone who probably lost the ring sometime in the last 20 years.”

Kent says the bank will have an open house this month to celebrate its 20th anniversary at this location. “We’d love to have found the owner or the family of the owner of the ring by then,” he says. “What a terrific gift it would be for them.”

Kent can be contacted by calling (701) 235-9906.

The Walhalla Goose

Shirley Moe, Perham, Minn., asks if Neighbors has “time and space for another Galloping Goose story.”

Neighbors always has time and space for memories of those old branch line trains. And here are Shirley’s.

She writes that the Erick Overland family of Grafton, N.D., included one girl and five boys, and the four youngest of those boys loved music; they were involved in school band, the Grafton city band and music in church.

In the late 1940s, just after World War II ended, Shirley says, it was difficult getting band instructors in many of the smaller schools. So one of the Overland boys, Orvel, nailed a part-time job as a band instructor even though he was still a Grafton High School senior.

Orvel would go to school in the morning, then at noon would hop on the Walhalla, N.D.-bound Goose. He’d get off at Hoople, teach band in the school there, then get back on the south-bound Goose and return home.

He’d also lead the band during Hoople basketball games – an all-girl band, since the boys were playing ball.

After high school, Orvel played with the Air Force band for four years and was a soloist in the Air Force Glee Club based in Washington, D.C.

Orvel is a first cousin of Shirley’s husband Bob Moe.

So there’s one more Galloping Goose story to add to Neighbors’ collection of them.

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