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AppSnap: GasBuddy essential for your road trips

With the ever-rising gas prices, everyone is looking to save a few bucks.

GasBuddy provides its users with the lowest gas prices in the area.

The free app is an extension of the popular website. It allows you to look up gas prices while on the go. With a simple tap of the finger, the closest gas stations to you pop up. From there, you can sort them by price, distance or place them on a map to easily see the station’s location.

The app is perfect for anyone who is traveling and wants to know where to find the cheapest gas while they’re en route to their destination.

User interactivity takes GasBuddy to the next level. The app also allows users the opportunity to update the gas prices in the area if they change and gives away a $100 gas card to some of its lucky users.

I’ve used GasBuddy for quite some time and it’s saved me money on several occasions. With just a tap of the finger, I’m able to find the cheapest stations in Grand Forks.

However, I’ve found the app most useful while vacationing or on a road trip. With GasBuddy, I can find prices along my route, saving me money along the way.

The app is really easy to use and provides just about every relevant feature you could want.

The only things holding this app back is that the app relies on users to provide the prices for the gas stations in their town. That leads to some prices being inaccurate or not up to date.

Overall, GasBuddy is an app for pretty much everyone out there looking to save money on gas. I’ve used the app for a few years, and it’s saved me money countless times. With today’s gas prices, it’s a must download.

Four out of five stars

Wade Rupard

Wade Rupard is a reporter for The Grand Forks Herald. Rupard is a 2014 graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism and is originally from Normal, Ill. 

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