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Neighbors: It's Charles Korsmo, no longer Charlie, and he's a college professor

It’s feedback time, as you respond to items that have appeared in this column.

The story: A reader mentioned Walter Simmons, a Fargo native who as a reporter wrote stories about World War II.

Feedback: Curt Eriksmoen, Fargo, whose column about North Dakota appears weekly in The Forum, writes that Simmons was featured in volume seven of his books on North Dakota titled “Did You Know That . . . ?”

“Your article about Simmons reminded some people” of the story in his book, Curt says.

That volume also contains stories about 46 other North Dakotans, including merchandiser O.J. DeLendrecie, Gov. John Burke and baseball player Ted “Double-Duty" Radcliffe.

The entertainers

The story: Neighbors reminisced about popular singers, musical groups and the big bands of the past.

Feedback: The Ukraine and the mess there is much in the news. But that brings a popular group to mind.

Do you remember Phil Spitalny and his All-Girl Orchestra? Spitalny was born in the Ukraine.

His all-female group, which included his wife, Evelyn, and her Magic Violin, gave concerts around the nation, including the Fargo-Moorhead region.

But let’s get back to entertainers from this region, specifically, Charlie Korsmo.

His name was sent in by Al Jaeger, North Dakota’s secretary of state.

Al points out that Charlie, who was a child actor, was born in Fargo in 1978.

Charlie, the son of John Korsmo, former owner of Cass County Abstract, and his wife, Deborah Ruf, an educational psychologist, according to information on the Internet, grew up in Golden Valley, Minn.

Among the movies he appeared in was “Hook,” in which he played Peter Pan’s son.

He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in physics in 2000.

He is now a professor at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Cleveland. And he prefers being called Charles.

He’s just one more local boy who made good.

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