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http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3384/50/50/ THE PERIPHERY
My Tanzanian Village School: Lunch and Lectures
As the morning of my first day at my village school came to a close, I was back in my room sitting at my simple wooden table and chair. I was writing about my arrival to Tanzania when Mama Diana calle...
2/23/14 at 8:28 AM
My Tanzanian Village School (part one) 2/16/14 at 4:58 AM
"The Greatest Food in Human History" 8/13/13 at 8:18 AM
A delicious surprise
I mentioned in Monday's blog entry that I had been down to the twin cities for the weekend because I had a Minnesota Master Gardener State Advisory Board meeting (whew--that's a mouthful!) at the Minn...
1/29/14 at 8:24 AM
Exciting new books 4/10/13 at 7:33 AM
. . . and some Korma 12/12/12 at 8:46 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3136/50/50/ REALLY EATING: FINDING REAL FOOD IN THE VALLEY
Food co-op striving to make local food more accessible
In December, I became a member of Prairie Roots Food Co-op, a local group dedicated to building a healthy community by providing access to natural, organic and local food. The ultimate goal of the gr...
1/20/14 at 11:02 AM
Looks can be deceiving... 11/9/13 at 11:23 AM
Trying a new lunch item - Japanese rice "sandwich" 5/6/13 at 8:23 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/749/50/50/ UND NEWS
MEDIA REMINDER: UND joins with UMC to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day
The University of North Dakota and University of Minnesota Crookston collaborate for another celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Who:UND Multicultural Student Services (MSS) and University of Minne...
1/17/14 at 2:35 PM
MEDIA ADVISORY: Community celebration planned for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/10/14 at 1:56 PM
UND’s Weaver-Hightower’s work on school food featured in top journal 3/24/11 at 10:32 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2567/50/50/ KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS
First-Grader's Question Prompts Family to Help Hungry
The Christmas cookies are gone. The ham, roast beef or whatever you had for that special dinner is a distant memory. And yet, because donations tend to lag after the holidays, people in our community ...
1/11/14 at 9:21 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2408/50/50/ ARLENE COCO'S PRAIRIE KITCHEN
Top Ten Favorite Holiday Dishes for Easy Entertaining- Part One
During the holidays, most of my days are filled with making cookies by the thousands. By the time the weekend comes, I want to entertain and have my friends over, but I am pretty tired at the end of m...
12/13/13 at 11:40 AM
Holiday Baking Marathon- Recipe for Cajun Cocoons 12/2/13 at 4:53 PM
Culinary Adventure: Crawfish Time in the Deep South... 4/1/13 at 3:03 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/715/50/50/ FARGO SCHOOL TALK
Kitchen Experience Adds to Classroom Learning
As celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse would say as he adds that finishing touch to his cooking, "BAM!" A group of Davies High School students recently learned how to add their own finishing touches to a me...
12/7/13 at 9:00 AM
Bakin' or bacon? Students plate up treats in Food Network-inspired contest 5/6/13 at 12:00 PM
Pictures: Students fill the 'Dome 12/4/12 at 11:21 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/9/50/50/ REPUBLIC INSIDER
Is Kristi Noem taking the right approach to school lunch?
Kristi Noem is attempting to roll back some of the school lunch regulations that went into effect last year. She seems to generally support the effort to get kids to eat healthier, but she thinks the ...
12/4/13 at 12:03 PM
'Food Inc.' and 'Moo U': A match made in awkwardness heaven 10/4/11 at 11:12 AM
Herseth Sandlin, Tom Daschle and sustainable food production 3/4/11 at 1:58 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3080/50/50/ TRAVEL MODE: MY LIFE AS A TRAVEL AGENT
Day 5: Food & Wine Tours
Food and Wine Tours can be customized to "Your Taste." Sorry, I just had to include those play on words in this entry. Have you ever wondered what is all involved in a Food and/or Wine Tour? Some of...
12/2/13 at 12:42 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2292/50/50/ TIME AT THE TABLE: RECONNECTING FAMILIES ONE TABLE AT A TIME
Top 5 - Thanksgiving
As cliche as it can be, this week's Top 5 is all about being thankful 5. Food - the food on your table, the excess of food on your table and the fact that according to our friends at The Food Think T...
11/26/13 at 4:21 PM
Top 5 - Recipes 11/18/13 at 9:52 PM
Summer Garden Dinner June 20 5/29/13 at 11:01 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3500/50/50/ SQUARE ONE
Let's Talk Gigi's Ice Lollies
Let me just start this post off by saying if you havent had an Ice Lolly from Gigis Ice Lollies - ya best put it on your 'to do' list for the summer of 2014. You can find these delicious frozen treats...
11/25/13 at 4:25 AM
A Chat with Lush Lola's Catering 11/11/13 at 3:25 AM
We're Blogging! 10/15/13 at 6:07 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2942/50/50/ DAKOTA VALLEY NEWS
Feed those who Need: Dakota Valley donates to food pantries
We love this time of year, but it pinches our pennies right? Heating our homes, feeding our (extended) families, fueling up for travel lots of expenses in a limited time. Thats why every year, Dako...
11/21/13 at 3:50 PM
Dakota Valley Electric Celebrates Co-Op Month by Giving Back 10/25/13 at 9:32 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/609/50/50/ MODERN-DAY JANE
Dine and Dash
This weekend we happened to be out of town at dinner time (or supper, if you grew up the way I did!). Our restaurant of choice was a pizza buffet. It doesn't really matter which one - we've been to th...
11/19/13 at 7:03 PM
Mr. Sweet Tooth 4/4/13 at 1:55 PM
Every grease monkey's dream. 3/28/13 at 5:24 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/92/50/50/ DOING IT DOWNTOWN
Dining Downtown on a dime
Becki DeGeest, MSUM, Multimedia Journalism As a college student who only works at a job for a few hours a week, I often find myself being notoriously cheap when it comes to going downtown for food or...
11/12/13 at 10:48 AM
Vinyl Taco spins out classic tunes, unique food 11/4/13 at 9:00 AM
Cold weather chills; warm soup thrills 10/25/13 at 12:02 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1929/50/50/ THE ARTS CENTER: CULTURE BUILDS COMMUNITY
A Shout Out to Kuchen Makers
During the upcoming Sundogs and Sunflowers exhibit The Art Center would like to feature the traditional, regional specialty: Kuchen. This much loved and sometimes guarded, sweetblend of pastry/bread t...
11/6/13 at 4:40 PM
Healthy Kuchen & The Artful Plate? 8/12/13 at 2:49 PM
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