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http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/88/50/50/ CONFESSIONS OF A FAT GIRL
When life hands you a little lemon...
"Can I still run?" I said somewhat lightheartedly with a somewhat fake smile and laugh, as a big ol' knot formed in my throat and I had to force back the tears I know were forming in my eyes. "I'm no...
1/30/14 at 10:53 AM
A morning at the doctor's office...part 2 5/3/10 at 3:10 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/749/50/50/ UND NEWS
The year in review: Noteworthy UND stories from 2013/Top 10 UND Homepage Feature Stories in 2013, ranked in order of page views.
Review of noteworthy UND stories from 2013: Buildings and infrastructure: Several building and infrastructure projects made news at the University of North Dakota in 2013. TheUND School of Medicine an...
1/3/14 at 5:54 PM
UND Doctor of Medicine Class of 2016 begins studies 8/8/12 at 10:36 AM
UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences commencement is Sunday 5/9/12 at 3:47 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2567/50/50/ KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS
Generous Doctor Will Never Be Forgotten
What did you give people this Christmas? Did you stick to giving those gifts you buy in a store that need to be wrapped and then unwrapped? Or did you go beyond and give them the gift of your love and...
12/28/13 at 9:51 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/3055/50/50/ MOORHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration
Whovians of all ages are invited to come to the Moorhead Library on Saturday, November 16th from 1-4pm to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. Watch an episode, participate in a Doctor Who Trivia contest...
11/2/13 at 2:33 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1820/50/50/ STAFF BLOGWDAY/WDAZ TV
A 24-Hour Stress Cleanse; next week on "Dr. Oz"!
Monday February 25th: DR. OZS 24-HOUR STRESS CLEANSE - If youre overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out, turn it all around in just one day! The easy-to-follow program designed to REDUCE YOUR STRES...
2/21/13 at 5:49 PM
Shocking things you never knew about fast food; next week on "The Doctors"! 2/15/13 at 3:07 PM
The number one diet plan; secrets revealed next week on "Dr. Oz"! 2/14/13 at 10:55 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/311/50/50/ HEALTHBEAT
The primary care doctor: someone who knows you
Fans of Downton Abbey were stunned this week at one of the more shocking plot developments in the show's three-year history: the death of young Lady Sybil Branson, who developed eclampsia after giving...
1/30/13 at 12:50 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1295/50/50/ MIDDLE AGED PLAGUE
I'm a Believer -- So Are You
We disagree with one another a lot these days, but I think I've found three sentences we can all say, "Yes, that's true," to: 1) We are all born. 2) We all die. 3) In between, we operate each of ...
12/19/12 at 3:11 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2357/50/50/ COBBERS ON THE BRAIN
Vicodin, Morphine, Heroine, Oh My!
In society today, doctors give out pain medication in the class of opioids like they are candy. For things from a tooth ache to surgery, the range of ailments which one can be prescribed opioids for i...
10/18/12 at 5:31 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/310/50/50/ THE NEW FORTY
Now that really is some "junk" in your trunk!
This is one for the SERIOUSLY??!! file. I feel obliged to share items like this with you dear blog readers just in case you missed this when scanning the news of the world. It appears that a man, who...
11/22/11 at 8:05 AM
Her pediatrician... 11/9/11 at 8:06 AM
Pretty sure it is not bird flu... 1/21/10 at 5:15 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2516/50/50/ SLOWINGTHERACINGMIND
My Computer is Nuts
My computer has caught a cold. It basically types whatever it wants. Like a willful toddler, it does the opposite of what it is told. I try to type "with," but it type lptus. What in the world?!?! I ...
11/20/11 at 9:38 PM
Sorry to Disappoint 9/28/11 at 10:09 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1306/50/50/ STAFF BLOGTOP MOM
There's a doctor in my house
I was sick yesterday with a stomach bug. Thankfully, I had the best 3-year-old doctor available to examine me. Paging Dr. Eve ... Paging Dr. Eve. For several months, my daughter has liked to play do...
5/20/11 at 2:03 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1115/50/50/ IN THE BLACK
Ask Doctor Debt
Are you looking for answers to your debt related questions? Check out www.Askdoctordebt.com. Ask Doctor Debt is sponsored by the ACA International Education Foundation (ACAEF). ACAEF is the philanthro...
2/12/11 at 11:50 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/68/50/50/ THE N.D. CAPITOL AND BEYOND
Lawmakers discuss physician shortage, remedial education
BISMARCKNorth Dakota is projected to be short about 210 physicians by 2025, state lawmakers were told Wednesday. As a result, the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences wil...
10/13/10 at 4:18 PM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/1875/50/50/ FAR SIDE OF 50
Medical Updates
Seems like all we do for entertainment is sit in waiting rooms, lounging around waiting for our name to be called. What with my eyes and my shoulder..and then the regular appointments. A clock, a cas...
2/2/10 at 5:28 AM
http://media.fccinteractive.com/voices/2407/50/50/ LAGNIAPPE: A FOOD BLOG
Righteous recipe resource
Once again, amid the hundreds of e-mails that I get rid of on a weekly basis, I have found a gem. A PR firm alerted me to the presence of a new Web site, called A Doctor’s Kitchen, created by Dr...
10/21/09 at 5:00 AM
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