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Published July 13, 2009, 12:00 AM

Forum editorial: Moorhead flood plan gets roses

PRAIRIE ROSES: To Moorhead and appropriate state agencies that are moving quickly to fund flood mitigation efforts. The city has access to significant funding for home buyouts, sewer backup prevention work and other flood control projects that will go a long way toward keeping the city safe from the flooding Red River. The overall flood control effort in Moorhead appears to be going quite well. The speed at which money has been committed and projects identified for funding is a credit to the city’s elected leaders and professional staff. The flood of 2009 threw a scare into the residents of Moorhead, and city leaders are acting with deliberate speed to ensure it does not happen again.

LEAFY SPURGE: To our good neighbors to the north in Manitoba who continue to endorse the fiction that a road/dike just north of the international border with North Dakota is more road than dike. Anyone who’s been to the site knows the “road” is an earthen flood wall. During the spring flood, aerial photos showed vast flooding on the North Dakota side and virtually no flooding on the Canadian side. Moreover, the “road” is posted with signs barring traffic. Some road. Negotiations apparently are under way at the highest levels to convince Canadians to be honest about the road/dike. Given the history of water cooperation between North Dakota and Manitoba, don’t expect much.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To private and government researchers who at last are exposing the fiction that bottled water is safer than tap water. New research has concluded that tap water is tested and otherwise regulated while bottled water, for the most part, is not. While some bottled-water companies reveal the source of their water on the label, many do not. And because the water is sold in bottled form, it need not conform to the stringent standards that attach to tap water. Yet, bottled- water fans cling to the myth that bottled water is safer. Fact is, they can’t know. Additionally, plastic water bottles have become a major environmental problem. Think about that the next time you lug home a case of water-filled plastic bottles.

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