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Published July 03, 2013, 11:55 PM

Thursday Review: Items an alternative to bug spray

FARGO – For some reason mosquitos are drawn to my daughter like bees to a flower.

By: Tracy Frank, INFORUM

FARGO – For some reason mosquitos are drawn to my daughter like bees to a flower.

While I want to keep her protected from the threat of West Nile Virus and the annoying itchy red welts she develops after a mosquito bite, I also hate covering her in chemicals.

So when offered the chance to try a free sample of all-natural bracelets and stickers said to repel the pesky pests, I readily accepted.

Mosquitno, a business based in Kansas City, Mo., makes silicone rubber wristbands infused with citronella oil in adult and kids sizes. The BandZ lasts six days if you reseal them in their original zip package to preserve effectiveness.

The company also makes citronella-infused stickers, called SpotZ, which can be reused and stuck to hats, shoes and clothes. They last three days.

The Bandz and SpotZ come in an array of colors and designs, and my kids were excited to wear them. My daughter said, “It smells a lot better than bug spray.”

They didn’t work as well as I’d hoped but weren’t a total loss.

My son seemed fine, but my daughter got a mosquito bite on the hand that was not wearing the wristband.

The next day we went for a bike ride, and I wore one of the BandZ and attached three stickers to myself: one to my shirt and one to each of my shoes.

Before we left the driveway a mosquito landed two inches from my bright yellow wristband. I slapped it before it could strike and sprayed myself with some bug spray before we left.

I had not sprayed my head or face with mosquito repellent, and as we rode, bugs seemed to target that area, so I peeled the Mosquitno SpotZ from my shirt and slapped it on my forehead. I looked strange, I’m sure, but the bugs did leave me alone for the rest of our ride.

The company says the Bandz and Spotz work by masking the scents of carbon dioxide and sweat that attract bugs.

Mosquitno Bandz and a sheet of six Mosquitno Spotz sell for $3.99 each and are available at retailers nationwide or online at www.mosquitnoband.com.

The company will recycle used Mosquitno Bandz if you mail them back, and for every 10 you return, Mosquitno will send you two new BandZ free.

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