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Chris Linnares


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Dose of Sanity for La Vida Loca: Beloved grandmother enjoying Chippers in heaven PressPass

Every year at this time, when the days are long, cold and dark, I start to miss my family a little more, all of them living in the warm sands and sunny skies of Brazil.

INFORUM, 01/22/2014

Women’s Wisdom: Rebecca Miranda

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American holidays. It’s a treasured day, full of family, thanks and my husband’s endless search to discover the best secret recipe for a moist turkey. Not to mention today marks the biggest paper in The Forum’s history, which I am not going to deny, put a little pressure on this columnist.

INFORUM, 11/27/2013

Women's Wisdom: ‘Hot Mama’ Erin Cox shares words of wisdom for mothers PressPass

I knew everything about motherhood – until the day I became a mom. Before my daughter, I’d walk through a store, see a screaming child and think, “If I was that child’s mother, I would never let her get away with that.”

INFORUM, 11/20/2013

Women's Wisdom: Dawson’s mission helps Sudanese girls PressPass

The cold is coming, and my Brazilian heart is preparing to face the long winter ahead.

INFORUM, 11/13/2013

Women's Wisdom: Rebecca Meyer-Larson was unwilling to become a statistic PressPass

As a shy kid who learned how to express my voice through the healing art of theater, I’m passionate about the magic and empowerment behind a play production.

INFORUM, 11/06/2013

Energize Your Life: How to rise above when it’s below zero PressPass

“Brrrrr – I can’t stand this weather anymore! How can we live in North Dakota?! Brutal winters, no high mountains to ski or oceans to swim. What is still keeping you here?” That’s what Suzan told me as we met for the first time, at a coffee shop.

INFORUM, 03/14/2013

Healthy body, hot life: Making a New Year’s recognition list PressPass

I never forgot the year 1987. I was a teenage girl living in my home country, Brazil. My favorite thing to do was go over to my best friend’s house, sit on her bedroom floor around a vinyl record player, and listen to our favorite bands.

INFORUM, 01/03/2013

Happy Body/Hot Life: Birthday cake for Jesus just part of Christmas to-do list PressPass

Christmas can be a very stressful time, especially if you, like me, are part of the prayer group: “God, please, help me to finish my last minute to-do list and I promise that next year I will be a good girl and start working on my Christmas list in March!”

INFORUM, 12/06/2012

Healthy Body, Hot Life: Could ‘kissing diet’ rekindle some passion?

“I’ve been married for a decade and each year my husband becomes less and less affectionate. I don’t remember the last time he kissed me.”

INFORUM, 10/25/2012

Healthy Body, Hot Life: Understand happiness, satisfaction

This week I was chatting with a friend at the gym when I told her that I was going back to school. She asked, “Chris, why can’t you be happy where you are?” Her question to me is a question that a lot of us women sometimes ask ourselves.

INFORUM, 09/27/2012

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