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Julie Garden-Robinson


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Prairie Fare: Nutrition specialist skips flu shot, pays price

This will be a different sort of column because it is the first one entirely written in a prone state from my “sick nest” on my couch at home. I still can’t sit or stand upright without tipping over.

Prairie Fare: Split peas and spices inspire exotic dish

“Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add mustard seeds, cover and cook until they pop, one minute.” Now that I read the instructions outside of my kitchen, the directions certainly are clear about covering the pan.


Prairie Fare: Flight offers lessons in mindful eating

“We have reached a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. Sit back and enjoy the flight,” the pilot announced. En route to the East Coast, I settled in to read a magazine for the next 2½ hours. Although I have never been able to sleep on planes, I appreciate getting to places quickly.

Prairie Fare: Go for flavor during March, National Nutrition Month

Just a few days ago, I was hoping my vehicle wouldn’t slide off the road as I crept along an icy highway during one of North Dakota’s mini-blizzards. However, on the day I wrote this article, I noticed areas of my lawn devoid of snow when I left my house.

Prairie Fare: Take a milk break with this tasty idea

I recall an interesting conversation I had with my son and his buddy when I offered them freshly baked cookies. Both boys were 8 years old at the time. I placed some warm chocolate chip cookies on a plate and poured each of them a glass of ice cold milk.

Prairie Fare: Snoozing your way to better health

“Daylight savings time is almost here. We can’t forget to move the clocks forward,” my husband commented the other day. “Oh, no. I have a hard time with losing an hour of sleep when we ‘spring ahead,’ ” I replied.

Prairie Fare: Savor the flavor of bacon in moderation

“Mom, I just had the best cookies ever! I ate a bunch at the dining center. You need to make them at home,” my 18-year-old son exclaimed, practically salivating.


Prairie Fare: Frozen foods have inspired menus for years

As I pondered a potential column topic, someone tossed an idea my way. How about writing something about frozen foods? I must admit, after our intensely cold winter, I am dreaming of hot, grilled foods cooked and eaten outdoors on a warm day. Thinking about frozen food made me shiver.


Prairie Fare: Comfort food warms a cold winter night

“What’s that?” I asked as I breezed through the kitchen, noting a pot of simmering stew. My husband was head chef that evening and was trying a new recipe.

Prairie Fare: Are your cupboards ready for a reality show?

I flipped on a reality-type TV show one day. A camera crew captured footage of someone climbing over a mountain of boxes, clothing and trash to get around his home. The piles were so high that his head nearly touched the ceiling.


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Does eating comfort food reduce stress?

“I hadn’t heard of ‘hot dish’ until I moved here! We called it casserole,” one of the college students remarked.

Pasta an economical, easy meal base

Boil. Drain. Serve. Even after a long day, most of us can manage the cooking directions for pasta.

Try to moderate salt intake in your diet

“If I don’t get a glass of water, will I survive until morning?” I asked myself sleepily. Despite being incredibly thirsty, I took my chances. Besides, I was too tired to crawl out of a warm bed at 2:30 a.m.