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Von Pinnon

Matt Von Pinnon

Matt Von Pinnon is editor and longtime employee of The Forum. His column appears each Sunday on the editorial page of The Forum.

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Von Pinnon: Family of Dylan Cox also suffering from tragic losses PressPass

The family of Dylan Cox has been on my mind a lot this past week. Dylan is the 17-year-old Amor, Minn., teen who last Monday night killed Tabitha Belmonte, his 16-year-old girlfriend and mother of his 7-month-old child. Dylan then turned the gun on himself.


Bullying suspected as reason for Cooperstown girl's suicide

Early Thursday, a couple hours before the sun rose in Cooperstown, N.D., 16-year-old Cassidy Joy Andel posted a note on her Facebook page: “My time has come, and so I’m gone. To a better place, far beyond. I love you all as you can see. But it’s better now, because I’m free.”


Von Pinnon: Everybody knows more after bankruptcy dialogue PressPass

After lots of reader feedback and much discussion on our end, The Forum has chosen to continue running bankruptcy filings in the paper and on our website, inforum.com.

Von Pinnon: Change is in the air, and that’s a good thing PressPass

Publishers, editors and advertising managers of Minnesota’s daily newspapers met here for two days last week to brainstorm ideas meant to better help our readers and advertisers get what they want.


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Von Pinnon: These days, gay rights debates no longer novel PressPass

Eleven years ago next month, while working as a Forum reporter, I wrote a story that divided the community like no other story I’d reported before.


Von Pinnon: Eight new members join Forum Readers Board PressPass

Meet the eight new members of The Forum’s Readers Board, a group of area people who advise and provide feedback to us.

Von Pinnon: Travel in Sunday Variety, Celebrations in SheSays PressPass

Today, The Forum debuts its new Sunday Variety section. It’s something our readers have said they’ve wanted for a while.


Von Pinnon: There’s no explaining rampage to first-grader PressPass

I hid The Forum from my first-grader on Saturday. Coming from the editor, that may seem strange. I’ve never done it before, even when the news was really bleak, and we’ve had a lot of bleak news around here in recent weeks.


Von Pinnon: Tom Hanks and his ilk ought to stay on tarmac PressPass

Thanks a lot, Tom Hanks. Now that the A-list actor and his family dropped in on TNT’s Diner in West Fargo on Friday morning, the place will never be the same.


Von Pinnon: The Forum will publish all legal marriage notices PressPass

Starting today, The Forum will accept for publication the announcements of gay marriages, engagements and anniversaries if the marriage takes place in a state or country where it’s legally recognized.


Von Pinnon: Forum Readers Board welcomes 5 new members PressPass

Meet the five new members of The Forum’s Readers Board. They join seven returning members whose terms expire in December.


Von Pinnon: Did science or YouTube kill the fair freak show? PressPass

I’m a dad, so I ended up at the Red River Valley Fair last week. But as I chaperoned my kids around the grounds this year, it dawned on me that they are no longer exposed to the freak shows that were always part of the fair when I was a kid.


Von Pinnon: With moments to escape, what would you take? PressPass

If you had only moments to leave your home – possibly for good – what would you grab?


Von Pinnon: In West Fargo, cruising, boozing all part of scene PressPass

Fargo and West Fargo both have their respective monthly downtown cruise nights, when folks with cool cars show them off and the rest of us ogle or take a trip down memory lane.