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Kathy Tofflemire


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Parenting Perspectives: Tiny grandpup makes big impression PressPass

The likelihood of my having more grandchildren is iffy at this point in time. But I do have a new grandpuppy, and he’s the cutest thing on four legs.


Parenting Perspectives: Grandmother going girl-crazy PressPass

My older grandson, with his early-Zac Efron-like haircut, is a good-looking kid. And I don’t think that’s just the opinion of a prejudiced grandmother.


Parenting Perspectives: An itchy trigger finger

How many times in the course of our daily lives do we wish we could hit the rewind button to avoid hurtful words said in anger or handle a situation differently?


Parenting Perspectives: Storms test love-thy-neighbor credo

There are lessons to be learned during a North Dakota blizzard.


Parenting Perspectives: Giving is food for thought

Since September, an average-size cardboard box has become part of my kitchen décor. And every Sunday, I scour The Forum’s advertising inserts, looking for sales on kid-friendly food – macaroni and cheese, juice boxes, soup, individual-size containers of cereal, etc.


Parenting Perspectives: Siblings can be blessing or curse

When my daughter was little, she expressed a desire for a sibling, preferably an older brother.


Parenting Perspectives: School supply list has grown

As the last weeks of summer waned, you probably saw the TV commercial in which a boy comes up to his mother with his list of needed school supplies and anticipates an over-the-top reaction when she considers the cost.


Parenting Perspectives: Clearing clutter a battle PressPass

I only watch two reality-TV shows with regularity: “The Biggest Loser” because it makes me feel thin (until the final weeks) and “Hoarders,” which makes me feel like a better housekeeper.


Parenting Perspectives: Tween scene arrives PressPass

It’s the little things that begin to form evidence that my grandson is growing up.


Parenting Perspectives: I’m still chasing dreams PressPass

My grandson advises his younger brother to develop an interest in watching football on TV.

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Bue takes her game to Europe PressPass

In a figurative way, Lisa Bue put the “roommate wanted” sign on her apartment window. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that she’s living in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UNI has best mix in Valley PressPass

The Missouri Valley Football Conference is essentially just two games old. Trying to pick a winner at this point is a little like trying to figure out what the stock market is going to do these days.


Hagen gets his due in spotlight PressPass

Fullback Jack Hagen is 61 years old now. And he’s still the lead blocker for his North Dakota State football teammates.

Banged-up Bison enter league play PressPass

Craig Bohl isn’t the only head coach at North Dakota State who is a little on edge this week. Soccer’s Pete Cuadrado is also pushing the “pushing them” button.

Bison ties collide in NFL game Sunday PressPass

Tuesdays are game- planning days with the Chicago Bears. Here is a telephone conversation you will never hear between Bears defensive coordinator Bob Babich and Tampa Bay linebackers coach Casey Bradley: Babich: “Hello Gus, what do you hear about Brian Griese at quarterback?”

Bison not the first choice for Wyoming PressPass

Looking from Fargo and beyond, playing the University of Wyoming is Christmas in September for North Dakota State. The Bison are getting $275,000 and an opponent who isn’t LSU or Ohio State.

Game about CCSU, not old friends PressPass

One thing about these Division I football coaches: they’re all thieves.

D-I reclassification period lacked its typical pitfalls PressPass

A check of the calendar reveals the last five years indeed lasted five years. No more, no less.

Analysts set Drago up for fall PressPass

On Tuesday, Mike Dragosavich went before some local cameras and microphones and put on a happy face. It was a good effort, but there was evidence it looked forced and the reason was not his fault.

Injury not deterring NDSU’s Langlais PressPass

Ryan Langlais’ throwing arm has been ailing lately and that’s never a good thing for a baseball player. Especially for a shortstop, who has to make some of the hardest throws in the field.