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Doug Leier


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Leier: Any time is the best time to fish PressPass

I am the first to admit I am not a professional angler. When it comes to tips and tactics on how to land a lunker walleye or fill a stringer in short order, I have got more questions than answers.


Leier: Regulation changes for year-round game fishing season unneeded PressPass

Recently a reader took issue with an explanation I previously provided regarding harvest of big fish in the spring prior to the time that either walleyes or northern pike have spawned for the year.


Flood, drought alter fishing regulations PressPass

I don’t necessarily consider myself old, but I do know I’m old enough to remember the drought of the late 1980s and early 1990s when Devils Lake was hardly visible from Minnewaukan, and one day I walked across the parched bottom of Hobart Lake in Barnes County.


New outdoor activities develop long-lasting memories PressPass

I have had the opportunity to hunt many different places and species across North Dakota, much of it a result of having lived in more than 10 different zip codes across the state. It’s those places, and the people who go with them, that often account for the best memories. While we always remember the biggest deer or a limit of fish, the best stories come from the one that got away, or getting stuck, lost or a having a late-night windstorm blow through camp.


Leier: Sage grouse recovery plan efforts starting to get off the ground PressPass

Because of a long-term population decline throughout their native range, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service considered in 2010 listing sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act.

Leier: Meeting season a good time to get valuable outdoors information PressPass

While many hunters and anglers associate spring and summer with fishing season and fall with hunting season, truth be told, in North Dakota fishing is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days each year.

Harvest surveys are an important tool PressPass

After a couple of cups of coffee and the usual bantering about weather at my favorite corner convenience store, a recent discussion turned to North Dakota Game and Fish Department surveys.

Leier: There's plenty to look forward to in 2012 PressPass

The older I get, the faster time seems to pass. My neighbor and friend Mick explained a few years ago it’s a function of the percentage of life.


Leier: Statistics offer useful perspectives when reviewing deer season PressPass

I’ve never been much of a numbers guy, which is evidenced by my grades in calculus, statistics and about any college math course I took.

Leier: A few helpful steps to avoid venison faux pas PressPass

Each year, it seems I somehow wind up as part of a large number of hunters who receive a recycled email joke about making beef taste like venison. Most who read it find themselves nodding their head and chuckling, as the masses who’ve hunted deer can relate to the uneasy truthfulness of many of the “steps.”

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Leier: ND economic survey reveals a big impact PressPass

Fargo - Few in the Midwest will question the roles of hunting, fishing and trapping when it comes to quality of life.


Leier: Even with long winter, it's time to start thinking about fishing PressPass

Fargo - For most corners of North Dakota, the 2013 winter has extended well beyond the calendar declaration of spring.


Leier: Purple martins draw some local interest PressPass

Fargo - Many people who don’t hunt or fish are still familiar with national conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Pheasants Forever.


Leier: Some things to keep in mind about spring goose season PressPass

Fargo - In the spring of 1999, I was working as a game warden in the Cass County area when the first-ever spring light goose conservation season arrived.

Leier: There's still plenty of time for ice fishing PressPass

As February begins you’ve noticed the days, both in front and in back, are adding sunlight and the balance of winter begins to shift toward spring.


Leier: It is never a bad time to join a club geared to outdoors PressPass

FARGO - If I tried to list all the organizations and clubs just in North Dakota that are working to advance the cause of fishing, hunting, trapping, conservation, education and training, I’d likely fill most of this column.


Leier: Talking turkey for ND hunters PressPass

Fargo - For the next month or so, winter predator hunting and the Feb. 16 calendar opening of the spring light goose conservation season are about the only games in town for most hunters.


Leier: A lot goes into making regulations PressPass

Fargo - Any frequent reader of this column will realize that I’m fairly open-minded about any outdoors discussion and savor a passionate conversation on outdoors topics. One topic that seems to come up fairly frequently is regulations, and whether we need more or less of them.


Leier: Snow, ice can cause problems for fish in winter PressPass

Fargo - When we talk about winter wildlife mortality in North Dakota, most people think of pheasants or deer, as these species are often visible in the countryside along ditches, shelterbelts or harvested agricultural fields.


Leier: The right first step is key in becoming a game warden PressPass

Fargo - It’s been a long time since I began my career with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department as a district game warden in January 1996. I’ll say it feels like yesterday and 17 years ago in the same assessment.