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Heidi Shaffer


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Tuesday Tip: Keep cheap jewelry looking new with clear coat PressPass

FARGO – My jewelry drawer overflows with necklaces, rings and bracelets of almost every imaginable metallic finish and colored hue.

INFORUM, 05/13/2013

Thursday review: Rub Relief Stick works to prevent painful blisters PressPass

FARGO – Despite the weather, it’s spring, which means it’s time to pack up the boots and pull out those cute shoes you keep hidden in your closet for the better part of a year.

INFORUM, 04/10/2013

Tuesday Tip: Brining gives new T-shirts a vintage feel PressPass

FARGO – T-shirts serve as a weekend staple in my wardrobe, but I’m a bit picky. It’s just cotton, I know. But despite adding new tees to my collection, it’s always the oldies I grab first.

INFORUM, 04/08/2013

VIDEO: 5 ways to wear a scarf PressPass

FARGO – Anyone who knows me can probably attest that my favorite accessory is a scarf. It’s the cherry on my outfit sundae almost every day.

INFORUM, 03/28/2013

Thursday Review: Popper makes movie night treat without hassle PressPass

FARGO – Growing up, dinner Sunday evenings often was a big bowl of buttered popcorn with my mom and sister while watching “Sound of Music” in our pajamas.

INFORUM, 03/06/2013

Tuesday Tip: How to remove wax from carpet PressPass

It seems where there’s carpet, there will be spills. And one of the most difficult spills to remove from clothing, carpet or any fabric surface seems to be candle wax.

INFORUM, 03/04/2013

5 Things Friday: 5 books to kick back with on vacation PressPass

FARGO – This month I’ve sent and received flurries of messages to and from friends: “What are you reading?” It seems everyone is looking for the perfect tale to take on their vacation out of this ice hole. Or maybe we’re just looking for something to distract ourselves from below-zero temperatures and weekly blizzards.

INFORUM, 02/21/2013

Thursday review: Boxed lunch options lack advertised appeal

As someone who is often stuck at a desk for eight or nine hours straight, eating a healthy, non-takeout lunch isn’t always an easy option. So this month, I decided to add a couple new items to my brown bag repertoire: Lean Cuisine Salad Additions and GoPicnic Ready-to-Eat Meals.

INFORUM, 01/30/2013

Tuesday Tip: Make cooking spray minus the chemicals

FARGO – A quick spritz of cooking spray in the pan is a great way to cut fat and calories from a dish, but it comes with some added chemicals. Most store-bought cooking sprays contain propellants and preservatives that are far from all-natural.

INFORUM, 01/28/2013

Deadline to sign up for Fargo Star, submit video is Sunday! PressPass

FARGO – Singing hopefuls have less than a week to get in on a chance to be named the next Fargo Star.

INFORUM, 01/20/2013

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