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Jack Zaleski


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Zaleski: Just a phone call from a nut, but … PressPass

Nasty phone calls come with the job. I expect them. I enjoy some of them, especially when the caller is a skilled, informed debater.

INFORUM, 08/31/2013

Zaleski: Ethnic beet soup recipe a family thing PressPass

Reader response to last week’s column about my Polish grandmother’s beet soup underscores the maxim that old recipes for ethnic foods are unique to families.

INFORUM, 08/24/2013

Zaleski: One of these days I’ll get the soup right PressPass

For the first time in years, my wife and I have grown a crop of beets large enough to feed a small country.

INFORUM, 08/17/2013

Zaleski: Memories drift out of old photographs PressPass

I found a stash of old pictures the other day. Black and white, some cracked or faded, they were of a 1950s summer outing at my Uncle Stanley’s farm in (at that time) rural Southington, Conn.

INFORUM, 08/10/2013

Zaleski: The unintended benefits of leap-frog PressPass

Fargo city planners and policymakers use two terms to describe two ways to look at a city’s growth. One is “leap-frog,” the other is “in-fill.”

INFORUM, 08/03/2013

Zaleski: Hard to believe 50 years have gone by PressPass

Baby boomers of a certain age (mine) will flock to 50th high school class reunions next year.

INFORUM, 07/27/2013

Zaleski: Add a heavy to summer reading list PressPass

Here are three suggestions for your summer reading. Two of the three might seem surprising choices, but bear with me. Sometimes a serving of heavier fare can be a satisfying literary treat.

INFORUM, 07/20/2013

Zaleski: The apple guilt trip was very short PressPass

I bought a couple of pounds of apples the other day and discovered they were Braeburns from New Zealand. New Zealand! Crisp and sweet, the imports were really good.

INFORUM, 07/13/2013

Zaleski: Gimme a couple of cans and a string PressPass

Expounding on our evolving relationship with mobile phones, Forum writer extraordinaire Sam Benshoof said in his Friday column (Variety section, C1): “Unfortunately, with everyone owning a smartphone these days …”

INFORUM, 07/06/2013

Zaleski: Considering Grim Reaper’s timetable PressPass

Elsewhere on this page, read Steve Stark’s compelling first-person account of his flirtation with death – a flirtation Steve did not initiate or encourage.

INFORUM, 06/29/2013

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