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Tracy Briggs


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The Great Indoors: Briggs takes to the ice in curling lesson PressPass

The Winter Olympics are just two weeks away and I’m as excited as Al Michaels calling the Russian game. When it comes to Olympics, make mine winter, please. The summer games are great, but there’s something about the winter sports. I remember being so inspired by Dorothy Hamill’s figure skating gold in the 1976 Winter Olympics that my sister and I set our alarms to start training the very next morning. We lasted about 20 minutes at the nearby outdoor rink before home and hot chocolate called. Would-be fame and glory shattered by Swiss Miss.

INFORUM, 01/22/2014

The Great Indoors: Faux nacho cheese a tasty snack

They are those nasty little food surprises that can wreck your day. You think you’re being healthy by choosing granola for breakfast over a plate of bacon only to find out, calorically speaking, that the bacon can be the better choice.

INFORUM, 01/15/2014

Getting in Gear: Finding the proper clothing

As you start your training for the upcoming Fargo Marathon take the time to think about what you’re wearing. It’s not so much a question of style but function. Today’s running clothing is designed to protect and help you train more effectively and efficiently.

INFORUM, 01/15/2014

The Great Indoors: Raw treat keeps away late-morning hunger

It happens every morning like clockwork. Around 9:30 or 10, no matter what I’ve had for breakfast – a 3-egg omelette or a peanut butter Pop Tart – my stomach starts to growl.

INFORUM, 01/08/2014

Getting In Gear: 5 Quick tips as you start to train for a race

Fargoans Josh Thomas and Erin Mayer are in week #2 of training to run the half-marathon and 10K races respectively at the Fargo Marathon. Fargo Marathon founder and director Mark Knutson is working as their trainer. Here are 5 quick tips from Knutson if you’re starting to train for any of the Fargo Marathon races.

INFORUM, 01/08/2014

The Great Indoors: Aerial yoga a relaxing workout PressPass

I’m a sucker for the newest fitness trends. Whatever the latest buzz, I usually like to give it a try (except maybe that Prancercise thing. That lady kind of freaks me out). So when my friend Nicole Phillips started posting on Facebook about how much she was loving aerial yoga, I thought, why not give it a try?

INFORUM, 01/01/2014

Parenting Perspectives: What I learned as a parent in 2013 PressPass

Maybe it’s human nature. Every time December rolls around, we feel the need to recap the year gone by with Top 10 lists.

INFORUM, 12/30/2013

The Great Indoors: Sugar cookies take top prize in Great Indoors baking contest

Sugar cookies are a staple of the Christmas season. What other cookie can literally be molded into any Christmas symbol you can imagine? Heck, if given enough dough, you could make a life-size representation of Will Ferrell’s “Elf.”

INFORUM, 12/18/2013

The Great Indoors: Making peace with rømmegrøt

It’s time I make nice with rømmegrøt. The warm and sweet Norwegian pudding might seem harmless enough, but I’ve had a beef with it for more than a decade.

INFORUM, 12/11/2013

The Great Indoors: Send in your "Best Christmas Cookie" recipes

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do leading up to Christmas – second only to watching “White Christmas” for the umpteenth time – was eating my mom’s Christmas cookies.

INFORUM, 11/13/2013

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