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Published March 26, 2009

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Red River crest in Fargo raised to 42 feet, could even hit 43 feet chat

By Forum staff report, INFORUM

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Terrence W.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 5:30 PM

Lol - yeah, where is Pat N anyways?

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Rachel G.
03/26/2009 5:29 PM

Vicki R - we certainly could use all the help we can get today and tomorrow. Thanks much for considering coming to help! When you get here, you can call 701.476.4000 to be told where you are needed or you can go to the Fargodome.

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Frances F.
03/26/2009 5:28 PM

All my friends & myself here in So. Calif. are wishing the best for all of you in the FM area. It sounds like you have excellent plans ready to put in force in time of need. We all remember 1997 & what can happen if you're not fully prepared....

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Sherri H.
Wahpeton, ND     03/26/2009 5:28 PM

OMG!!! I pray they're wrong and I pray for everybody in danger in the Fargo/Moorhead area!!

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Matthew W.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 5:28 PM

I am speechless. I just can't believe this is happening.

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jan p.
03/26/2009 5:28 PM

I lived in Fargo and Moorhead for nearly 20 years and still have family in both towns as well as the Grand Forks area. I now live in Florida and know what a shock it is to be faced with another natural disaster: we had Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis and Katrina in two years. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and I know you will come through this with courage and grace.

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john s.
03/26/2009 5:27 PM

all, Possible snowstorm around Tuesday (which will just add more water for later)

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tim h.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 5:26 PM

I think I just heard a rather large lady clearing her throat.

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John J.
03/26/2009 5:24 PM

Hey, where is that goofball Pat. N that insisted that the National Weather Service was highly over-estimating the crest when the prediction was 40 feet?

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Waylon S.
Pullman, WA     03/26/2009 5:22 PM

Former Fargo resident and NDSU student out in Pullman, WA. Wish I could help. Goodness.

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