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Published March 26, 2009

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Red River crest in Fargo raised to 42 feet, could even hit 43 feet chat

By Forum staff report, INFORUM

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Jason D.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:54 PM


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boaz J.
03/26/2009 6:46 PM

Jim J. : Don't blame Jesus anyone who builds next to a river in the midwest knows the risks of floods. Fargo/Moorhead knew for a long time with the record rainfall/snow that this could happen. Yet, everyone waits till the last minute.

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Sue R.
Wahpeton, ND     03/26/2009 6:44 PM

Emily - using God and the F word in the same post isn't real insightful. Just remember they are preparing for a possible crest of 43 - please do not give up Fargo Moorhead - they say Hickson has already crested, which has to be a good sign. Meterology is not a science, just like medicine. You take all the data you have and try to make your best educated assumption, but nature still has the final say. Hang in THere!

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joe a.
03/26/2009 6:42 PM

Pat get the hell out of here spreading your lies!!

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Jamie A.
Moorhead, MN     03/26/2009 6:41 PM

Emily J stated it perfectly for me.

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Pat N.
03/26/2009 6:39 PM

Darell, I think Farg0 is almost at crest now (with a few tenths of a ft.)

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Emily J.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:34 PM

If you wanted an "insightful comment" I'll be happy to give you one. I said "Fuck" because I am from Moorhead. I'm away at college and I am not happy to be sitting here all la di da while my friends (Fargo and Moorhead) are fighting for their homes. While they are being forced to evacuate. Where my city (I consider Fargo in this as well) is fighting to keep everything dry. Where the places where I've made some great memories growing up are in jeopardy. I'm up at UND and I'm already helping here in Grand Forks. It just hurts more hearing all this back home where I'm not helping people I know and love. I'm helping here, like I said, but it's a different kind of feeling than being home. I went down with a group from UND on Tuesday, over about 4 different groups went down at different times, over 800 students total helped from here. Even more went down on their own. Out of our 4 hours we signed up for, we were only able to stay for about half of that. We had to get back because of the weather conditions. We were able to help Fargo as much as possible. They needed help more than Grand Forks did at the time. On our way back, we were sliding on the interstate and had to stop to get the ice off the window wipers. We technically risked a lot to be there, even though we know the weather would be bad on the way back. We can't send people down now because of the road conditions. Even on Tuesday the water was up to the interstate in areas, in some it forced the closure of the right lane. I want to go back and help the ones I know and love. But I can help here too. I hope to God that the dikes and levees hold for the week they're predicting that the river will stay at the crest-level. Is that insightful enough for you, Renae O.?

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Darell L.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:33 PM

Pat...just don't post anything. You know nothing. We are almost at 39.7 now. Do me and all of us a favor take a walk on the dike.

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Casey J.
03/26/2009 6:32 PM

I am appalled to find this blog posted with contention and finger pointing, rather than coordinating and asking how to help. What is with you people?? Your city and neighbors desparately need your help and yet you have time to sit at your computer and blog. If your not going to help, then hold your negative comments and go play a video game. Imagine if you were going to lose your house......how would you feel about people complaing and finger pointing rather than help. Please take a breath and examine your morals. Then put on your jacket, hat, and boots and go help..........do something other than this waste of time and energy. I live in Dickinson and am leaving for Fargo shortly to go help Family. Your actions are pretty sad indeed. You should be ashamed to call yourself a North Dakotan!!!!

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Jodie H.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:32 PM

Annessa, I beg to differ...BCBS/NAS has in fact provided for non-PTO paid time for personal and civic flood volunteering for employees. As a matter of fact, we are closed tomorrow. It's an unfortunate fact, with most of our customers in other states, that the expectation to continue "business as usual" is not one people can tolerate. But, I guarantee you they are doing everything in their power to accommodate and compensate anyone during this difficult time. Our energy should be focused on taking care of our homes and community. The rest will get worked out in the end.

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