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Published March 26, 2009

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT: Red River crest in Fargo raised to 42 feet, could even hit 43 feet chat

By Forum staff report, INFORUM

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Shannon V.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:29 PM

Andrew W: My husband offered to bring sandbags via pickup or truck to Oak Port and the headquarters said that they are not sending any more out there--it breaks her heart, but the sandbags are going elsewhere...no more to Oak Port.

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Bill S.
03/26/2009 6:28 PM

Have faith. The pace of rise really *is* slowing. It's been rising 0.1 foot (1.2 inches) per hour for the last several hours, and less than an inch in the last hour, a slower pace than yesterday or even this morning. So the rise is not exceeding the NWS forecast trendline, which is a good thing. No more surprises, please...

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paula b.
Fargo, ND     03/26/2009 6:28 PM

Quick question for alot of you? Are you able to go out and help? If so, why are you commenting on this forum so much? The only reason that I am not out there again is that it was my turn to handle emergency calls at work. As soon as my shift is done I am out the door to help.

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Pat N.
03/26/2009 6:27 PM

This was my latest (6:11 PM CDT) post to Areavoices on My perspective for the Red: The rate of rise on the Red at the Fargo gage is slowing down. The latest gage height reading, shown at the USGS website, is 39.43 ft at 17:15 EDT. My latest thinking for Fargo remains ... cresting tonight through Saturday near 39.7 ft. http://www.areavoices.com/springflood/index.cfm?page=comments&blog=45856&start=40

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Eric L.
Moorhead, MN     03/26/2009 6:25 PM

this is insane!

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Kristy L.
Barnesville, MN     03/26/2009 6:23 PM

John J., I don't know how things are handled in Sioux Falls, but here in Fargo/Moorhead Democrats AND Republicans are standing shoulder to shoulder trying to save their city. Save your partisan comments for your own natural disaster.

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Vicki R.
Pennington, MN     03/26/2009 6:16 PM

My son & friends are on their way from Bemidji. I wish them safe travels - but I told him to consider helping on the Moorhead (is Moorhead State University a staging area?) side or they might not get home until next week? Good luck to everyone there!!!

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John J.
Sioux Falls, SD     03/26/2009 6:13 PM

Global warming is a Demo myth, sand bagging is a Repub myth.

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annessa s.
03/26/2009 6:11 PM

How do we find out were the new dikes are going tomorrow? I can not find this?

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A B.
03/26/2009 6:10 PM

Is Walaker giving up? From the sounds of it on the news, it sounds like he thinks the weather forecasters are wrong and that it won't go above 41 feet.... really?

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