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Published December 22, 2009

No charges will be filed in fatal shooting chat

By Dave Roepke, INFORUM

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Tony B.
Fargo, ND     12/23/2009 9:56 AM

The reality of this situation is alarming. Many people let Joel down that night. His friends for leaving him after he was stumbling drunk, his parents for allowing him to socialize with people who partake in said activities (I'm not even going to start with the "Murderapolis" shirt), whom ever bought the booze for Joel and also Joel himself. I do not blame the homeowner and if people actually read the police reports instead of blindly saying Joel was innocent then you would understand the situation. As for race, how is this a race issue? If Joel was sought out and killed for being an Indian then yeah I guess so, but he was in the process of a crime when he was killed. Get real.

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Hanny H.
Fargo, ND     12/23/2009 8:39 AM

AHHHHHHH! mcalleyboy A, you are so ANNOYING! Why do you keep bringing up the fact that you have a gun? Many many people have guns! NOBODY cares! I have rifles and shotguns for hunting purposes, but i don't post that on every possible story i can. Uh, i don't know, i usually ignore you and your many many many pointless comments on these articles. but i saw that just now and had to say something, maybe it's cuz it's early in the morning and i'm tired. But seriously, shut up about it. Having a gun is no big deal! I'm sorry, i don't want to be mean, but you are not special. The fact that you have "finally" got yourself a hand gun, does not make you automatically special in everyone else’s world. Uhhhh, get a plant or something to talk to……..

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Oliver B.
12/23/2009 8:36 AM

Lori, I guess I missed the part that this story is about a minor in consumption a minor in possession or buying for a minor. I thought it was about illegally entering someone else’s home in the middle of the night. Excuse me, I will go back and read the story again.

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Oliver B.
12/23/2009 8:34 AM

Lori, it is irrelevant. No one “helped” him make any choice. Not that the subject matters at all in this article/ case/ situation: But how do you know someone bought him alcohol? Maybe he stole it. I’ve stole alcohol from places (not businesses) where I knew it was stashed, when I was that age. Not a lot did I do this, I always felt bad, I would always try to find someone to buy it for me. That or we would go somewhere where we knew one of us wouldn’t get carded. That was a great time in my life many fun memories. But I didn’t live in boring FM so it was more fun. But I don’t see “how he got alcohol” is relevant in the situation of him ending up in someone else’s home on a 3rd or 4th night. Nothing is going to change the situation, maybe you should focus on something that is relevant in this story…… It seems that you want to blame someone else for one person’s mistakes. It was 100% this kids fault for all events leading up to this point. I’m not saying he was a bad kid or person, I just don’t understand why you want to lay the responsibility with someone else? Be responsible for your own actions!!!!!! That’s how I was raised, and that’s how my parents would leave it.

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Lisa P.
Wyndmere, ND     12/23/2009 8:07 AM

The boy's death is a horrible tragedy. If he would have invaded my home, I'd have taken a shot at him too, most likely. When someone enters a home without authorization, few notice if they are still a kid. I agree with those who have said that his parent(s) or legal guardian were responsible for him and should not have let him been drinking and running around.

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nota c.
12/23/2009 1:24 AM

OK. Let us ALL think about what it would be like for us to be awoke by a noise and actually finding someone in our house late at night. Obviously there can be no honorable reason for them to be there. Now let us see this person in an adult frame and NOT listening to commands. If he gets control where will you and your family be then? Anyone that comes to any other conclusion then what really did happen is fooling themselves and to speak out loud of their misconceptions shows their ignorance. I ask you all to think about this : how much are the parents of the young man at fault? What was their child doing out so late? How and why was he drinking? Why had they not been able to stop him after the FIRST time he walked into someone's home? If they had taught him to listen to them or the difference between right and wrong; would have that man had to fear for his and his family's lives so much to take his life? I firmly believe the parents failed at their duty to society to raise their child correctly. Those failures directly lead to someone else to protect themselves from their creation. I also firmly believe that the parents owe that family at least monetary damages for the terror that night and every thing subsequent.

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Paul E.
12/22/2009 11:18 PM

If the parents of the young fellow were actually good parents, they might not have let their child drink and have a .21 BAC. I everyone needs to have child rearing classes before they can become pregnant.

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Scott O.
Moorhead, MN     12/22/2009 8:55 PM

Elizabeth, if this were a white boy killed by a Native American with the same circumstances, it wouldn't have taken this long to come out with the final verdict. In either case, it is an issue of a person under the influence walking uninvited into another person's home. The home-dweller was threatened, and used a split second decision in dealing with someone who tried to take his weapon away from him. I didn't realize the kid was anything other then caucasion until after the race card was pulled by persons such as yourself. Either way, it was a realistic response by the person living there, and an unfortunate consequence for the young man. I only hope that other young folks, regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic background, take heed and realize that their actions do have consequences. It was unnecessary, but the real responsibility lies with the person who broke the law and put the other in a position of having to make that decision. For the record, I would have done the same thing. You threaten my home in that capacity, you pay the consequences.

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mcalleyboy A.
Fargo, ND     12/22/2009 7:22 PM

Was worried that police would really come down on someone who has a weapon and is protecting his family. I too am a concealed weapon carrier and have heard some of the law enforcement can be overzealous or even the actuall bystanders can make up stories. Was told I need to carry a recorder and watch how and what I say if this ever happens to me and to be very polite to the first policeman on scene. The instructor mentioned he has been taken to court several times, but he did not mention what state, it could have been other than ND. I do thank law enforcement for recognizing the law abiding citizens and also for not persecuting us for trying to protect ourselves and others.

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Lori G.
12/22/2009 6:50 PM

Oliver, relax please. Yes Joel made bad choices and the resulting indecent resulted directly from his bad choices but he was not alone that night. Someone had to make the choice to buy alcohol for him and providing alcohol to a minor is illegal.

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