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Published December 22, 2009

No charges will be filed in fatal shooting chat

By Dave Roepke, INFORUM

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L B.
12/22/2009 9:16 AM

The kid was in the wrong and I don't know that you could prosecute the shooter, but I'd rather not have this guy as a neighbor. Obviously the women that the kid had walked in on had more balls than this guy because they were able to divert the kid back to the door with no loss of limb or life.

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b. john m.
Moorhead, MN     12/22/2009 8:51 AM

Three points... 1. Denise, Thanks for an intelligent comment. Refreshing among the blather. 2. In regard to the "lock the doors" comment. Why? Why should I have to worry, in my own home, while i'm in it, about some lowlife entering? The onus is on others to stay out of my private place. 3.When will the appologists here stop referring to him as a child. As a 17 year old, Joel was man sized. The question remains...where were all his so called friends when this happened. Sorry guys, good kids aren't walking inebriated into other people's houses. Hard to argue that this was a one time freak incident...when clearly it wasn't.

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Phil M.
12/22/2009 8:44 AM

Well Oldhag, Joel did try to grab the gun from Mr. Allen. That qualifies as a threatening move.

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Richard I.
Moorhead, MN     12/22/2009 8:22 AM

I find it pretty amusing that his dad now says that he isn't surprised that his son was drunk. Hasn't the family adamantly stated that their son didn't use alcohol or drugs? And how was it "...not like Joel just to walk into somebody’s apartment,” considering that this was at least the 7th residence that he had intruded upon during his 3 day crime spree!

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Kerry M.
Fargo, ND     12/22/2009 8:22 AM

Maybe the family and authorities should find out who got booze for this kid. He was 17 and drunk. These people should be prosecuted.

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little a.
12/22/2009 8:17 AM

Denise V, I am glad you stated that. There is a cycle, facts are facts. It is true to all races. A sucessful business owner, who is Native, said, "What do you expect, drink up the monthly check, there will be trouble." Doesn't hit the news either--murders, ect. I know whites who don't take care of their kids, blacks, hispanics. Maybe there should be a law that if your child is under 18--does a crime, the parent should do the time. I bet there would be a lot less working every hour to keep up with the neighbor's and a lot more evening suppers.

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A G.
Moorhead, MN     12/22/2009 7:48 AM

Tragic day! But if someone comes into my home drunk and uninvited I will protect my family and it is possible that they would get shot too! Just a few things - lock your doors at all hours - that might have helped. Kids do stupid things and this kid did by drinking and then going out and going into other peoples homes. I am glad this is done and I hope that both sides can move on and heal now.

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Shaun L.
West Fargo, ND     12/22/2009 7:36 AM

I for one can not believe some of you defending this "kid" was he supposed to be there? NO! Was he asked to leave? Yes! Did he? NO! Did he grab for the gun? Yes! What is so hard to understand? Mr. Allen did what he had to do... Maybe if there had been parenting involved in this kids life and had been taught the difference between right and wrong maybe there would have been a different outcome. If the door was or was not locked makes no difference, he had no right to be there.... or any of the other three apartments he was in that night or the countless others he had been in on previous nights.

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Tony B.
Fargo, ND     12/22/2009 6:12 AM

Why are ignorant people acting like Vernon was sitting in his hallway on a chair with a loaded shotgun getting ready to kill anyone who came through his unlocked door? We don't know if Vernon always leaves his door unlocked (I lived in North Fargo, my neighbor was a drug addicted drunk and her 2 small children KNEW our house was safe and that they could always come over because the backdoor was open) or just forgot to lock it that night. Joel was the one breaking the law, he went into how many apartments before hand and left accordingly? But for some reason he wouldn't leave Vernon's residence. Then other people have said that they too have woken up to Joel entering their home previously, it's a wonder he wasn't shot back then. Also at 17 you are no longer a "kid" anymore, he was over 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds. If he was in my house I would hardly say "Are you a drunk 17 year old, a retarded person or an adult with a death wish?" Once again, where were Joel's friends or his parents. They were the ones who let him down that night.

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T M.
Fargo, ND     12/22/2009 5:36 AM

Alcoholism is a huge problem with the Native American population and many are walking around with a blood alcohol level that would kill anyone else.. I have seen this on a daily basis and I know how out of hand this can get.

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