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Jaeger has been innovative leader

Secretary of State Al Jaeger has been an innovative leader in ensuring our overseas military service members are guaranteed their right to vote in elections back home in North Dakota. Under the federal MOVE Act, states must plan for a 45-day round-trip time for ballots. Thanks to Jaeger, North Dakota has developed solutions to provide military members with ballot information and voting materials well in advance of 45 days prior to the election, either by fax or e-mail.

As a recently deployed service member I know that mail can take a while, so it's especially important to seal up gifts of cookies very tightly so they stay fresh. Beyond cookies, though, having a fast, effective way to get the voting information out early makes a huge difference in allowing our deployed military time to fill out and return a ballot.

Most of our deployed military have regular access to

e-mail and electronic communication, and the bulk of communication back home is now done via the Internet. Regular mail is preferred for ballots, but as a last resort, service members can return ballots electronically as well.

I believe this is just one example of Jaeger's leadership in modernizing the operation of our state government and why he should be re-elected to another term as secretary of state.