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Letter: It’s more regulatory overreach by the EPA

It is no secret that North Dakota’s energy industry is booming. Between oil and gas development, and the coal and wind industries, North Dakota is flush with energy-rich resources. The Republican leaders of our state have done an outstanding job balancing regulation of the industry while promoting development. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency seem to think they can better manage and regulate our energy industry.

Recently, the EPA released their proposed “Clean Power Plan,” which, simply put, is nearly 1,600 pages of regulatory overreach disguised as a feel-good program.

The EPA has offered no explanation as to why the proposed 11 percent cuts in carbon emissions for North Dakota has now skyrocketed past the national average of 32 percent to 45 percent in the most recently released rule. Because of these drastic cuts, the price of power for the American family is going to increase by more than $1,225 per year, coal industry employees will face massive job cuts and the economy will be reduced by $2.3 trillion over the next two decades.

North Dakota is one of 14 states that meet all ambient air quality standards, which goes to show that we know how to regulate our energy industry and set North Dakota standards for North Dakota resources. The new EPA rule is another harsh example of the Obama administration pushing their radical environmental agenda with no thoughts toward the pocketbooks and jobs of the American people.

Leighton, Bismarck, is executive director, North Dakota Republican Party