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Letter: Rep. Peterson votes like a Republican

Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., claims that he is a Democrat, but his voting record hardly supports such a premise.

Most recently, Peterson voted against the emigration of Syrian refugees into this country. He has opposed even the most minor restrictions on assault weapons and given an A+ by the NRA. He initially opposed Obamacare, only subsequently to vote against its repeal because that possibility seemed remote. He supported building the Keystone XL pipeline. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, he denies the possibility that human activity has accelerated global warming.

Of course, Peterson’s viewpoint on these issues may reflect that of some of his constituents. It does not, however, reflect the viewpoint of the Democratic Party. That said, why doesn’t he declare himself a Republican instead of masquerading as a Democrat? If one’s heart is with the Republican Party, then proudly be one instead of trying to have the best of all possible worlds.