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Letter: Columnist McFeely should move to Paris

In Mike McFeely’s column on Sunday, Nov. 29, one can sure tell that McFeely knows nothing about keeping this country free.

There is a reason that the terrorists picked Paris to shoot more than 100 people. There is a reason that terrorists used planes to destroy the Twin Towers and not guns. There is a reason that the largest gun shooting in this country killed 27 people, not well over 100. There is a reason that our country has never been invaded.

The reason is that the terrorists know it is easy to kill people who don’t shoot back. The terrorists know that in the United States, one never knows who is carrying a gun. People legally carrying concealed weapons can and do reduce the number of people killed with guns in this country.

No one I know wants anyone to be killed with a gun, intentionally or unintentionally. We all know that freedom isn’t free and until it is, I am going to keep my guns and put up with the people who use guns in the wrong way. The murder rates in Chicago and Washington, D.C., prove that not much can be done to stop these people.

No offense, if McFeely doesn’t appreciate the protection and freedom us gun owners give him and the citizens of this country, he should move to France.