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Letter: Find better games for your education

Have you ever considered that educational activities may actually be interesting? For those of you who prefer to play video games, some of these activities you probably have never even considered trying. By engaging in educational activities, rather than video games, school may become fun for you.

Did you know that video games have components such as blue light? These components can permanently damage your brain. So for those of you who don’t want to lose your mind but like video games, maybe educational activities are the thing for you.

Some educational activities can actually be fun, such as card games. A few card games I like to play regularly include 65 and Fifteen Hundred. These games include adding up points at the end of a round. Adding up points will sharpen your math skills.

I believe that board games are another kind of activity that gamers will not only enjoy but find easier than some video games they play. A few board games like this would be Pay Day or Monopoly, both of these games include counting money. Money-counting will help young people later in life when trying to buy food for their family.

Katamino and Blokus are strategic geometry games in which you try to place all your differently shaped pieces on the board before your opponent can place his or her pieces on the board.

I hope my writing has persuaded you to stop playing video games every second of your life. It is OK to play them once in awhile. I think that educational activities are better for the world.