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Voting Records Don't Lie

Heidi Heitkamp has missed 21 out of 1,686 roll call votes since Jan 2013 which is 1.2%. The median is 1.5% for the other Senators currently serving. Kevin Cramer has missed 155 out of 3,623 roll call votes since Jan 2013 which is 4.3%. The median is 2.4% for the representatives currently serving. This shows you that his voting record is worse than other representatives by 1.9% but Heidi Heitkamp actually votes better than her fellow Senators. I think that this shows us a great deal of how they will vote in the future. Do we really think that Kevin Cramer will change his voting pattern?

Im glad that Kevin Cramer supports the Butch Lewis Act that desperately needs the attention of all of our Senators and Representatives. I just dont know if his voting record is worth the risk of losing Heidi Heitkamp. In fact, Heidi Heitkamp helped write the Butch Lewis Act and is serving on the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans. In two weeks I am traveling to Washington D.C. with a fellow member of the NUCPP to meet with Senator Hoeven to speak with him about the Butch Lewis Act and tell him our stories of the pension crisis. Senator Hoeven hasnt given us a straight answer about supporting this act. We need all of our state representatives to understand that this is hard earned money that we have earned. We are not asking for a bailout. We are tired of hearing those words. It is a low interest loan from the government to keep the pension plans solvent. There has been support from both Republicans and Democrats but we need more. We need regular people to make noise. More people need to come to meetings. It could be your money, your dads money or your grandmas money. Someone else wont "fix" it. We need to band together. I wrote in a few weeks ago about my father Bill Burns who worked for nearly 20 years at Fargo Glass and Paint. My father paid into his pension just like millions of other Americans. He passed away last winter unexpectedly. His biggest worry was the Central States Pension Fund and their soon to be insolvency status. He lived worrying. He died worrying. My father is your father. My father is your brother, he is your son, he is your uncle, your grandpa and your friend. Please do not disrespect the men and women of this great country. Do not ignore this problem. Senator Heitkamp you have my familys vote. Senator Hoeven, very soon it will be time to vote again and the people of ND pay attention to these things.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.