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Swamp Practices Reach ND

It's public record that members of Congress are paid $174,000 a year. Thats nearly three times the average salary in North Dakota (according to the 2016 Census Bureau).

However, that's simply not enough for Kevin Cramer. Since becoming ND's Washington representative, Cramer has paid family members more than $150,000 in campaign funds and reimbursed himself nearly $200,000! You read that right he's treating his campaign like his own personal business. Since Cramer works for ND at large and for the public, all North Dakotans are welcome to view this FEC Report.

Campaign donations come from hard working people just like you and me. Folks all over North Dakota give up a little bit of their hard-earned cash to support a candidate or cause that they believe in. I don't think many people envisioned their donations going into the candidate's personal bank accounts. Cramer can't find the money to pay his interns in Washington, but there's plenty of money to go around when it comes to his bank accounts.

Kevin Cramer needs to step up and face the people of ND (especially his supportive and donating constituents) and step down his personal spending from campaign funds brought to him from hard-working North Dakotans.

Mr. Cramer has the "honor" of Mr. Trumps support with a visit to ND. How about a good old-fashioned public debate with Heidi? Let's get clear on what's important and promised from each candidate such as trade, farming, and foreign relations instead of dirty TV ads. Given his track record, I doubt Kevin Cramer will publicly face the people of ND. Saying nothing says a whole lot.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.