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West Fargo business detects early signs of breast cancer with thermal imaging

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WEST FARGO—A new business in West Fargo wants to provide an affordable way to detect early signs of breast cancer.

A diagnosis changed the life of Becky Muhs in early 2015.

"I have six forms of cancer and I also have lymphatic leukemia as well. Most of that is easily detected through the scans," said Muhs.

She says doctors told her she would die within months if she didn't seek professional treatment.

Because of treatment's high price tag, she decided to do her own research.

She eventually found out about thermal imaging.

Almost three years later, she's beating the odds, and is now making it her mission to help people like her with an early diagnosis.

"With thermal imaging, you can see here it will detect and tell me what is wrong in my lymphatic system," said Muhs.

She tells us it can detect early signs of breast cancer, years before mammograms can find anything.

"We'll be able to tell you if it's something that's easily fixable through massage or relaxation or if it needs something further," said Muhs.

With the help of her California business partner, Doctor Gregory Melvin, they can use these scans to refer patients to other physicians for treatment.

It's not limited to breast cancer, they can find signs of things like sinus infections and heart disease.

To show us how it works, she decided to scan me.

"It starts out with the feet, we do the legs, the entire body," said Muhs.

Doctor Melvin found I had a common problem among people my age: text neck.

"It looks to me there's a lot of time being spent where the head is being dropped forward. These millennials as they come out, the way that their work is, they do a lot of work on phones, computers, video games," said Dr. Melvin.

While they fortunately didn't find signs of anything serious, they did give me plenty of advice on adjusting my posture.

Muhs is opening Sozo's Thermal Imaging with her husband Thursday in West Fargo.

It's the first business of its kind in North Dakota.