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Easy spring crafts brighten the home

Potted succulents. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

FARGO - Instead of spring cleaning, think spring crafting.

The spring crafts we rounded up are affordable, easily customizable and add a splash of spring to your abode.

Succulents in painted pots are modern and colorful with the addition of colored aquarium gravel.

A whimsical mobile becomes a personalized creation by using colors to match home décor, proving that they're not just for nurseries.

Wooden Easter eggs get an upgrade with paint and washi tape (paper tape that comes in a variety of colors and prints), eliminating the need for messy dye.

Potted succulents


Succulent plants (cacti would work too)

Colored aquarium gravel


Small clay pots with a drainage hole in the bottom (We used 3-inch pots from Michaels.)

Potting soil

Painters tape

Craft paint (We used "Wedding White" craft paint by Martha Stewart, $1.99 at Michaels stores.)


1. Using painters tape, mask off the area on the clay pot you wish to paint.

Firmly press the tape against the pot to ensure no paint seeps through.

2. Paint the area using a foam brush or paint brush.

Allow each coat of paint to dry before reapplying. We needed three coats of paint to get an opaque white color.

3. After the paint is dry, remove the tape carefully.

Touch up any rough edges with more paint or use a Q-tip dipped in acetone to remove paint that seeped through the tape.

4. To pot the succulent, fill the clay pot with soil and leave enough room for the succulent.

Insert the succulent and gently press soil around it.

5. Scatter the aquarium gravel on top of the soil.

6. If gravel falls into the leaf crevasses, carefully remove with a tweezers.

7. Water the succulent about once a week.

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Color blocked wooden eggs


Wooden eggs (found at craft stores)

Masking tape, washi tape or painters tape

Craft paints

Paint brushes or sponges

Cooling racks for drying eggs


1. Wrap tape end to end around eggs using a different angle on each egg.

Be sure the tape is pressed firmly against the egg so paint doesn't seep through.

2. If using multiple colors, paint the lighter color first and let dry completely before taping and painting the darker color.

3. Brush paint on taped off area. It will likely require two or three coats.

Let paint dry completely before removing tape.

4. Once the tape is removed, use a bit of paint to even out any rough edges.

5. Optional: Washi tape can be used to further decorate the eggs.

Wrap the tape as desired.




Colored cardstock or patterned paper

Wooden knitting ring

Circle punch (or other shape)

Sewing machine or thread and needle to hand sew

Washi tape or paint


Optional: Ribbon and pom pom strands


1. Using the circle punch (or other shape), punch as many circles as you wish to use. We used six to nine circles per strand for our mobile.

2. Sew the circles into strands using a sewing machine or hand sew, leaving extra string on one end so it can be attached to the knitting ring.

3. Attach the strands to the knitting ring by wrapping them around the ring and tying a knot, equally spacing them around the ring.

4. Add ribbon strands or strings of pom poms if you wish.

5. Wrap the wooden ring in washi tape if you wish. We used gold tape from Target's dollar section.

7. Cut two equal lengths of string and knot them together, creating a loop. The mobile will hang from the loop.

8. Wrap each of the four string ends equal distance around the knitting loop and secure with knots.

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