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Helpful hint: Give used K-cups second life as spring seed starters

The downside to the lickety-split convenience of a Keurig coffee machine - unless you use a reusable filter or biodegradable version - are the K-cups left over.

The energy used to produce the single-use, non-recyclable plastic cups, in addition to the packing, shipping and waste they create is enough to make Ron Swanson of "Parks and Recreation" feel at least a pang of guilt.

The company that produces the cups has acknowledged the waste issue, so a more earth-friendly design could be on the horizon. In the meantime, give K-cups a second life by repurposing them to start seedlings.

First, empty the coffee and filter from the cup. The cup will already have a drainage hole in the bottom from the Keurig machine. Fill each cup with soil and plant your seeds. Water and set in a sunny windowsill. Simple and easy.

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Heidi Tetzman

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