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Hot topic: Survey finds 'dream woman' doesn't sip beer

A recent survey from a dating app, shows men prefer a woman who drinks wine or a lady-like cocktail instead of beer.

According to, 35 percent of men prefer a date who drinks wine, while only 18 percent they'd want their lady to order beer.

While women make strides in the workplace and leadership, surveys like this and the opinions they reveal show we still have a long way to go in how we think about women and men.

The women polled apparently held similar gender stereotypes, preferring their dude to order "tough-guy drinks," such as beer (30 percent), or "Mad Men-like" gin-and-tonics (33 percent). Only 19 percent of women wanted a guy who sipped wine.

The same survey found the majority of men (57 percent) still think they need to pick up the check, another sign we're still stuck in the past.

Women, just like men, shouldn't be stereotyped or categorized by what they eat, wear or drink. Society needs to move on from conventional ideas of "ladylike" or "manly" behavior.

Bottom line: We're all people who should have the right to choose what we want without fear of how it makes others view us.