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Hungry for More: Sidestreet chef shares secrets of Fargo Dog

Chef David Dubuque shares the Sidestreet Grille and Pub's recipe for their signature Fargo Dog with "Hungry for More" host Jim Manney. The Forum2 / 2

This week, "Hungry for More" host Jim Manney is at Sidestreet Grille and Pub with Chef David Dubuque where he shows us their signature Fargo Dog.

It's a down-home classic, with a culinary twist.

While Sidestreet has six different hot dogs on their menu, this one is their specialty, and after one bite, you'll know why.

Not only does Dubuque wrap the frank in bacon, but he tops it with pulled pork, cheese and their secret horseradish mayo.

As Manney says, "You may not want to tell your cardiologist about this one," but you will want to tell all of your friends.

Fargo Dog

1 beef hot dog

2 slices of thick cut bacon

Pulled pork

1 slice Swiss cheese

Horseradish mayo


Roll the bacon around the hot dog securing on each side with toothpicks.

Deep fry or pan fry your dog until bacon is crisp and inside is warm.

Let rest.

Heat pulled pork in a sauté pan, making it about the same size as the hotdog and lay the cheese on top to melt.

Toast bun and put on the hot dog, lay the pulled pork and cheese on top and garnish with horseradish mayo (or any kind of sauce you'd like).