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Review: Taco truck serves up impressive empanadas

Luchadores' empanadas are a tasty mix of potatoes, cheese and chorizo, wrapped and fried in a flakey crust. The food truck is parked daily at 124 8th St. N., Fargo. John Lamb / The Forum

FARGO - Summer is settling in on Fargo, and with it comes the return food trucks - perfect spots for a relatively quick lunch without suffering fast food guilt and gut.

Mexican options are the popular tastes downtown, and while I'll let Taco Bros. and Luchadores fight it out over who serves the best bacon-wrapped hot dog, Luchadores - parked daily at 124 8th St. N., Fargo - has added a new savory option to their menu perfect for the lunch rush.

Head cook Steve Heiland is serving up empanadas, delicious pocket sandwiches hearty enough to fill you up without leaving you feeling greasy and bloated.

The dough wraps up a tasty mix of potatoes, cheese and chorizo, then fried to a buttery, flakey, golden crisp. The potatoes nicely balance the spiciness of the chorizo, but if you want more of a bite, you can ask for the Sriracha sour cream instead of the milder poblano or avocado offerings.

While the tasty pastries are served with a fork, they're perfect finger food and meant to be hand held. Unlike Hot Pockets and other store-bought, microwavable wraps, this one isn't a mess to eat and won't force you to change your shirt halfway through the work day.

With two for $5, the empanadas can stand as a meal on their own, or leave enough room in your stomach and wallet to try something else off the mouth-watering menu.

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