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Helpful hint: Use a can opener to open difficult plastic blister packs

FARGO – If you’ve opened a plastic blister pack (also called clamshell packaging), you know the struggle is real. The sealed-tight packaging is meant to prevent shoplifters from stealing gadgets and electronics, but it’s almost impossible for paying customers to get into. Scissors sometimes work, but it’s hard to use them without the jagged plastic edges cutting your hands and fingers. Kitchen and X-Acto knives are just asking for a trip to the ER. Fortunately, some genius discovered that a can opener does the trick with minimum mess and low risk of injury.

Meredith Holt

Meredith Holt is a features/business reporter for The Forum who covers topics in health, mental health, social issues, women's issues, arts and entertainment, food and more. She also writes a column on health and wellness, body image and media representation. She was a copy editor/page designer for six years prior to joining the features team in March 2012.

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