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Be prepared for another historical flood. AquaFence is a long-term flood protection solution.
AquaFence can be reused. An initial investment can secure the area in danger of flooding for decades.

We are in Fargo again this year to help protect your city from another historical flood.



AquaFence is a highly cost-effective transportable flood protection barrier that can be rapidly deployed, prior to or even during heavy rain and severe weather when there is a recognised danger of flooding. After the rain, sea or river water has receded the flood barrier can be easily dismantled and stored ready for the next flood event.

Flood events and severe weather around the world are rising in numbers and in our changing climate, the problem is getting worse. Insurance premiums are rocketing and the pressure is on to provide flood protection that works, on time and to budget.

Preparation is key for organisations, businesses, local authorities and governments tasked with emergency management and response, where securing property and negating the risk to human life during flood events are the top priorities. AquaFence is the key to this preparation.

AquaFence is a proven system designed for large areas at risk of repeated flooding. It is generally used away from property, for river banks and sea defense, although its flexible design means an AquaFence flood barrier can be used almost anywhere from whole streets and towns to farms and gateways.


                AquaFence Benefits                
• Low-lifetime cost, reusable year after year 
• Lower insurance 
• Fast deployment 
• Non-hazardous

AquaFence Has Protected: 
• Landmarks
• Livestock
• Homes
• Buildings
• Events
• Towns
• Building Sites 
• Stadiums

Watch an AquaFence In Action



AquaFence has increased the supply of mobile flood protection
in the Fargo-Moorhead area.