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Katie Roesler, Leonard and Jeff Grady, Knoxville, IL, announce their engagement. Parents are Trent and Deb Roesler, Leonard and Tom and Debra Grady, Knoxville, IL.

Katie graduated in 2007 from Central Cass High School, and in 2011 graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering. Katie is currently an engineer at John Deere Harvester Works.

Jeff graduated in 2005 from Knoxville High School, and in 2009 graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He earned his masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering Systems in 2011. Jeff farms in Knoxville, IL growing corn and soybeans and raising cattle and pigs. Katie and Jeff will make their home out on a farm by Knoxville, IL.

A June 3rd wedding is planned at First Lutheran Church in Galesburg, IL.